TVD S6 spoiler: Stefan Salvatore is a Working Man

Stefan is not only diligent, intelligent, and compassionate but he has also acquired many useful skills throughout the years. Thus, when TV Guide revealed that the younger of the two Salvatore brothers was going to be funneling his grief and angst over Damon and Bonnie’s death into a new gig, we were totally on board with the image of him as a working man!

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Round 5 elmination #BOTDS

normal_VD423HD_2378 Well, you all made short work of those Katherine and Elena scenes. With the 4×23 Battle gone (30% vote), you have effectively dispatched them all! We understand why you’d want to see them go. At times, it was difficult to watch how Elena had “progressed” over the last couple seasons, and E/K scenes were like watching two evil twins battle it out (with Elena sometimes being the more evil of the two). Well, if only the rest of the gang had caught on like we had, they might have been able to see when Kat took over Elena’s body… and to be honest, we’re not even sure things were improved when Elena got her body back. Round 6 is up!

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Round 4 Elimination #BOTDS

normal_tvd0204br-0504For 32% of you, Katherine and Elena finally meeting way back in season 2 was probably just a little too ho-hum to make it any further in the battle. We concur! Next up is round 5, and voting is going to get a little harder as the low hanging “doppelgangers” get picked off. Happy voting!

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Round 3 Elimination in Battle of the Doppelganger Scenes!

normal_tvd0201br_1151 StefKatLoveBadWe have a tie! Looks like things evened out a bit for the “Beginning of a Love Story” and Katherine’s goodbye scene. Both scenes had a lot of StefKat hate, and we wonder if you guys prefer their scenes to be a bit friendlier? Or perhaps it was just too much having the entire gang surround Katherine and finally put an end to her? Well, whatever the reasons, these two scenes, like Katherine, have been sucked into some kind of void, not quite The Other Side and not quite Hell either. Will they ever be seen again? A future battle or “best of” montage? Only time will tell. One last note… voting was a little light this round, so be sure to vote each and every round to keep your favorite scenes on the board! Round 4 is now up!

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Round 2 Elimination in Battle of the Doppelganger Scenes!

normal_tvd517-1477We all know poor eating habits will kill you eventually, but in Tom’s case, Caroline’s waffle choking fantasy was just a preview to Enzo taking Tom out for good. Maybe 21% of you decided to dump it because Caroline just couldn’t commit. Or could it be because it seemed so unnecessary to give us a Stefan doppelganger and then just kill him? Perhaps y’all didn’t want thoughts of Tom dying ruining your waffle binging breakfasts? Whatever the reason, we say goodbye to Tom and hope he’s enjoying some waffles somewhere on The Other Side. On to Round 3!

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