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#TVD 8×13 {#TheLiesAreGoingToCatchUpToYou} Recap

Recap by Jaye If only the title were a true adage that would somehow have an impact on the writer’s of this series not to mention a thump on the […]

Episode recap

#TVD 8×12 {#WhatAreYou?}

Recap by Jaye What are you? It’s the question Elena asked Stefan when she suspected he wasn’t human. “I’m a vampire” said he (sexily I might add). That was then. […]

Episode recap

#TVD 8×11 {#YouMadeAChoiceToBeGood} Recap

Recap by Jaye Gonna start with a huge sigh. Why? The recon and destruction continues and Stefan has become unrecognizable. But c’est la vie. Conversations about being human versus being […]

Episode recap

#TVD 8×10 {#NostalgiasABitch} Recap

Recap by Jaye Most of the episode took place in Damon’s head, which is just what I wanted and needed to see. I kid of course. Seems to me we […]

Episode recap

#TVD 8×9 {#TheSimpleIntimacyoftheNearTouch} Recap

Recap by Jaye Watching the TVD these days is like going to a high school reunion and seeing your former flame looking kind of worse for wear. There are a […]

Episode recap

#TVD 8×8 {#WeHaveHistoryTogether}

8×8 We Have History Together Recap by Jaye The show is back from it’s break..who knew? Who cared? It hurts to say that, but it is what it is. The […]

Episode recap

#TVD 8×3, 8×4 & 8×5 {#YouDecidedIWasWorthSaving #AnEternityOfMisery #ComingHomeWasAMistake}

Recaps by Jaye 8×3 You Decided I Was Worth Saving Is the title of the episode possibly what the show runners surmised that the viewers thought about the show? That […]

Episode recap

#TVD 8×1 & 8×2 {#HelloBrother #TodayWillBeDifferent}

One final season of recaps by Jaye And so it begins–well, actually ends, TVD that is, and if they believe that looking back and conjuring iconic moments from the spectacular […]


#Stelena Revisted – Part 7

162 Candles {1×8} It’s November 5, 2009 and it’s a promising episode of TVD. It always seemed at this point anyway, that the wait from week to week got more […]