15 reasons to believe in Stelena for the S4 finale

Although Stefan and Elena’s relationship has been deeply damaged with the sire bond storyline, there is no denying that all along the season we were given signs in favor of SE that definitely offer a lot of hope for the finale.

Want to know why?

  1. Because no matter what happens, Stefan is the best choice she ever made. (4×01)
  2. Because Rebekah envies the love they have. (4×04)
  3. Because Stefan is Elena’s soulmate. (4×07)
  4. Because they are epic. (4×07)
  5. Because Damon failed to resist the compulsion, where Stefan had fought so hard that he actually managed to resist. Now, that’s love. (4×11 – 4×12)
  6. Because Klaus doesn’t see a fairy-tale ending for Damon. All he sees is Stefan and Elena. (4×12)
  7. Because even Pr. Shane is aware that Damon has got the most to lose once Elena is human again. (4×13)
  8. Because Stefan has always wanted a human life with Elena (4×14) , while Damon can’t think of anything more miserable on earth. (4×13)
  9. Because Rebekah knows that human-Elena will be running back to Stefan whilst Damon is left out in the cold again. (4×18)
  10. Because Elena’s prom dance was with Stefan, on what happens to be the most sentimental night in high school. (4×19)
  11. Because every time Stefan tells himself that he’s moving on, there’s this part of him that just can’t seem to shake her. (4×19)
  12. Because Elena and Stefan have history. Memories, laughs, ups and downs. A real relationship. (4×19)
  13. Because who knows, maybe they will give it another go. (4×21)
  14. Because Katherine predicts that as soon as Elena goes back to her old self, she’ll go straight to Stefan. (4×21)
  15. Because Stefan managed to help Elena face her grief, something Damon was unable to do. (4×21 – 4×22)

Sure, a full reunion looks unlikely right now, but if the writers’ intention is to have Elena back to who she truly was before the sire bond influence, then we bet she will be professing her love to Stefan again in this finale. Another proof that real love is stronger than fake loyalty.