4×01 Recap: Dream or Nightmare?

Waiting is hard to do, so as we gear up for 4×02, how about a quick recap of the season 4 premiere to keep our minds occupied? We’re going to break our review down into two categories: Dreams and Nightmares. That’s sort of what TVD is all about, isn’t it? We dream about all those wonderful moments our characters share while dreading the cringe-worthy scenes that are a necessary evil in telling the story. So here goes, and see if you agree!

DREAMS – These are those moments in the episode that you don’t want to wake up from. Whether they make us smile or cry, they’re meant to be enjoyed. Here goes:

– Elena’s transition: From the moment she wakes up to her first drink of life quenching blood, we’re caught in Elena’s POV, rooting for her to make a full transition. What keeps this from being a nightmare is the simple fact that Stefan is there with her from beginning to end, helping to guide her. It’s that love that makes this so special, and it’s also Elena’s strength that makes all of us proud of her. Even in the depths of fear and sadness, she is prepared to face whatever comes to her. We can only dream to be as strong as you are, Elena Gilbert.

– Stefan & Elena: From Stefan telling Elena “I love you so much” to Elena saying “I picked you because I love you,” “the best choice I ever made,” we are in the middle of one of the best dreams ever. Sure we’re incredibly sad for what they are going through as a couple, but going through the good and the bad is what true love is all about. Even Rebekah couldn’t help but be affected! Even better was their moment on the rooftop. How couldn’t we get caught up in their plans for the future? Oh, and don’t forget the ring. It was symbolic in so many ways, a welcome to a new vampire life, a sign of Stefan’s commitment to Elena, and a symbol of their love. This is one dream we don’t want to be woken from!

– Rebekah & Klaus: While Rebekah was having a meltdown, we were reveling in her destruction of Klaus’ blood bags. “You want a family?” she asks, “Here’s your family!” I always dream of strong female characters putting men in their place, and even though Klaus broke Rebekah’s neck, I think she was the one having the last laugh.

– Caroline & Klaus: Whether you love or hate this potential pairing, it’s hard not to admit that watching them was fun, from Klaus rescuing Caroline to Caroline realizing she’d been making out with Klaus stuffed into Tyler’s body and needing to “sanitize her mouth.” Perhaps it was just that Klaus was masquerading as Tyler that made these scenes special. Only time will tell!

– Bonnie & Elena: While much of Bonnie’s moments in this episode will be categorized later, can we all agree that her friendship with Elena is worthy of dream status? Who else would cross to the other side to try and fish her almost vampire friend out of purgatory?

– Elena & Damon: Vampire Elena putting the kibosh on Damon re: Matt. You go girl!

NIGHTMARES – These are the times you roll your eyes or cry because you’re pissed. There is nothing much good about these nightmare moments except for the fact that they’re all a part of any good TV show as much as they are a part of life!

– Damon & Stefan: Damon blaming Stefan for Elena “dying.” As if Stefan didn’t feel bad enough already, Damon felt the need to rub salt in his wounds. What kind of familial relationship is this anyway? These brothers show their love in the oddest ways!

– Bonnie, Grams & Klaus: Let’s see here. Bonnie helps Klaus out because she’s tired of being bossed around. She’s going to do her own thing now. But wait! Klaus isn’t done with you yet, Bonnie. He tries to strangle her and then later tries tearing “Tyler’s” heart out unless Bonnie helps reverse her body snatching mojo on him, whether it kills her or not. Of course Bonnie agrees in order to save Tyler even though Grams has warned her to stay away from all this black magic. Bonnie doesn’t listen and while Tyler appears to have been saved and Klaus gets his old body back, Grams is infested with black worms and lord knows what else! Will Bonnie finally learn her lesson on getting involved in other people’s problems? Don’t we all just want to shake her and wake her up from this nightmare?!

– Meredith, Liz and Carol: They were all given notice, though Carol seemed to believe that her status as Mayor shielded her from arrest. This only lies in the nightmare category since we don’t like to see powerful, well educated women taken down. It looks as though their suspensions may be short-lived though, and perhaps they’ll have moved back into dream category in 4×02!

– Damon & Matt: “I want to kill him,” Damon says. Elena was willing to lose her life for her friend, Matt, and Damon was just as willing to make it count for nothing in killing him. That says it all, I think.

– Elena & Damon: It never ceases to amaze me at how Damon can make Elena seem like the most selfish person on the face of the planet. Her refusal to love him the way he wants her to puts her into the worst person in the world category… or so Damon would like for us to believe. As if this couldn’t get more nightmarish, we had to endure a replay of Damon telling Elena “I love you” and then compelling her to forget. “I can’t be selfish with you,” he says. Seriously? Then why give her the glare of death as you remind her of this. Is she supposed to then profess her love for you? Take a hint Damon, please. This is just getting embarrassing for you, and I’ll gladly be subjected to that dream where I show up in class naked and unprepared for my test than have to endure more of your crap with Elena!

Enjoy 4×02 guys!

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