4×02 Recap: Dreams & Nightmares + Poll Results

People are worried, Stelena shippers to be precise. In our latest poll, we asked you guys what your biggest fear was for Vampire Elena. Overwhelmingly, with 69% of the vote, you said you were worried that Elena wouldn’t remain true to Stefan. A few more of you, 17%, said you were a little worried because blood lust is a powerful thing, and, as we saw in 4×02, I think you were most certainly correct! Elena was willing to chow down on new girl, April, until Caroline intervened. Yeah, that blood lust is a dangerous thing! Now there were a few more of you, about 8%, that were concerned that Elena wouldn’t remain true to herself, that the vampire blood running through her veins would change the Elena we’ve known and loved into someone we could no longer recognize. That would certainly be a shame. Last but not least, a little over 4% of you said you weren’t worried at all. I salute you four-percenters and wonder if you might be willing to bottle and sell your positivity?

Our poll definitely relates to our Dream and Nightmare review for 4×02, so without further ado:


Stefan & Elena: This one is easy. We start the episode with Stefan and Elena waking up together in the woods. Stefan guides baby Vampire Elena in Feeding 101, and while the blood sort of shifts the mood, Elena appears to be learning, and most importantly the baby deer doesn’t die… Bambi scampers off to live another day! Elena moves her focus from feeding to Stefan. Clothes start coming off. Lips fight to quench a different thirst. Things are getting hot… they’re getting heavy… and then the dream ends (see Nightmares).

Fortunately for Stefan & Elena (and us), the dream picks up in other places. Stefan and Elena celebrate over champagne (please, just forget that Elena was trying to call the Prince of Darkness moments earlier). Stefan is happy because “you’re here, and you’re alive-ish.” What more could a boy want than to have his girlfriend in his life forever?

We fast forward to the church. Elena is starving and out of control (she pukes Damon’s blood up… oh yeah)! Stefan is her rock. He holds her and won’t let go no matter what. Isn’t this what all of us wish for? It’s got to be killing Stefan that he can’t give her what she needs at that moment, but thankfully Matt is able to step in. It had to be hard for Stefan to see Elena feed on her ex-boyfriend, but he knew she needed food, and Matt was the one to be able to give it.

See, Stefan understands what Elena needs, even if Elena isn’t always so sure. He was pretty hurt that she didn’t turn to him when her feeding schedule wasn’t quite working out, but as soon as she said, “I can’t stop feeling everyone’s grief,” Stefan knew there was “something we need to do.”

The memorial was beautiful. It was exactly what Elena needed at that moment. It was exactly what Bonnie, Jeremy, Tyler, Damon, Matt and Caroline needed too. It was a time to grieve, and while Damon did it in his own way, the rest of the crew did it together, leaning on one another, grieving for everyone they had lost. Thank you Stefan.

Tyler & Caroline: If you’re a Forwood fan, then you loved the “I love you’s” the two shared in bed. Carol Lockwood might not have been so fond of seeing Caroline come down in her robe though. Where are those puritanical moral values when you need them?

Bonnie & Stefan: I love the friendship these two share. Not a lot of BS between the two, and Stefan knew just how to comfort her… their hug was super sweet and heartfelt. I love that Bonnie is back on the team, but I’m also worried for her (see Nightmares).

Jeremy & April: If you’re not a fan of Beremy, then you saw a glimmer of hope in Jeremy and April (aka girl that looks a lot like Anna)… or maybe it was just me?

Damon: Now, how could I not like Damon (momentarily) for introducing himself as a “germaphobe” when Connor extended his strangely gloved hand?

Stefan: Discussed at length above, we don’t have to say too much else except for a virtual pat on the back when he punched Damon. It was certainly well deserved!

Caroline & Elena: How could you possibly dream up a better friendship than this? Elena wants to take a big bite out of April. Caroline not only stops her but challenges her to fight the blood lust and to compel April to forget the horror of what has happened. “I’m going to help you. I promise,” Elena says and April melts like putty in Elena’s hands. Everything is going to be all right.

Alaric: Ghost sighting! We’ll take Alaric any way we can get him.

Tyler: We end our dream sequence with something Tyler said before he got shot. He says he learned “how important it is to be part of a team, a community,” and in fact he is taking a bullet for the team, for Elena and Stefan, Caroline and Bonnie, Jeremy and Matt, and even Damon too. This is what it means to be family, to be friends, to have a community. Tyler embodied it perfectly in both his words and his actions.


Stefan & Elena: Elena puking blood after making out with Stefan wasn’t pretty. This is NOT how we wanted that Stelena make out session to end! Now of course it didn’t help that Elena couldn’t be completely honest with Stefan about the animal blood thing not working, but was he in a place to really listen? He wanted things to work out under his tutelage. He hoped things would be okay, that Elena would get used to the AB until she could move on to a heavier HB diet. The nightmare here is perhaps the lack of faith Elena had in Stefan being able to guide her appropriately. It was a little heartbreaking when Stefan had to confront Elena, “You lied to me.” Now, in Elena’s defense, she is struggling to find a new center, to understand how her vampire body works, and she’s going to make mistakes as she attempts to make sense of it all. We just hope they both learn from this lesson and that history won’t need to be repeated!

Damon & Elena: Ewww. The blood share. It was clear that Damon was getting off on having Elena feed from him, stroking her hair and drawing her close to him. From Stefan’s reaction to the news, blood sharing in the vampire world means a lot more than just grabbing a bite to eat. This was something Elena clearly didn’t understand, and Damon wanted to keep on the down low. Elena puking his blood up was about the only thing that will prevent this nightmare from being embedded in my brain forever!

Bonnie: I’m worried for her. Whether that was really Grams she saw “dying” again or not, Bonnie has had to deal with some serious shit. She needs time to recuperate, but even while half comatose she prods Stefan to tell her what’s going on. The implication is that she’s willing to help them again, which is a good thing of course, but at what cost? Nose bleeds are one thing, but I have a feeling there are darker things in store for Bonnie this season.

Connor: Those glove things he wears are a fashion nightmare. Who in their right mind would want to shake his hand with those things on? Perhaps Tim Gunn needs to make a cameo?

Enjoy 4×03 guys!