4×19 episode reviews round-up

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Thrilling to see that Stefan and Elena’s amazing chemistry didn’t get lost on anyone during this week’s episode “Pictures Of You”, as evidenced by this selection of reviews:

Vulture: Wanna Feel the Heat With Somebody

Stefan reminding Elena of their chemistry was great. He was really working it. “When my hand would touch your waist.” These two have a really extensive history, and we like being reminded of that. Plus, whenever they get close, sparks fly. It’s fun to see their connection hasn’t been lost after all these years (eighteen months).

Hollywood Life: Elena Dances With Stefan, Danger At Prom

In other words, this love triangle is so back on. Unfortunately for Damon, it looks like Stefan might win the eventual Tug-of-Elena, after all. Not only did Elena full-on deny that she’s Damon’s girlfriend — she told him that anything she felt for him was a result of the sire bond — but the heat between her and Stefan at prom was irrefutable. As they danced to Rihanna’s “Stay”, which was a heavy-handed song choice in itself, Stefan reminded her of the intense history they share; and call me crazy, but I feel like he was starting to get through to her.

The Huffington Post: Prom Brings Back The Stefan-Elena-Damon Love Triangle (video)

Stefan tried to talk (emotionally) dirty to Elena as they danced. “You don’t remember what it used to feel like when we danced? When my hand would touch your waist? … How about this? When our fingers would touch?” To everything, Elena replied “no” or “nothing,” but when he dipped her and asked, “Does your heart really refuse to remember,” she paused for a bit, then leaned for a kiss and whispered, “What heart?” Ouch!
Damon looked on, clearly displeased the entire time, but fans were freaking out over the steamy scene — they had the show trending for hours on Twitter.

VampireSite.net: TVD #4.19 “Pictures of You” Recap & Review

In another emotional scene, Stefan’s dance with Elena while reminding her of their love was perhaps the best of the night. The sheer amount of heart Stefan put into his words and motions and the unconvincing look of heartlessness on Elena’s face provided a beautiful exchange between these two characters who do have an undeniable chemistry and unforgettable history.

MSN Entertainment: ‘The Vampire Diaries’: Thanks for the memories

Elena danced with Stefan. “You’re just here to help Rebekah get the cure, on the most sentimental night of the year?” he asked her. “This, us, you feel nothing?” She said she didn’t. “So you don’t remember what it used to feel like when we danced, when my hand would touch your waist. When our fingers would touch.” He dipped her. “Does your heart really refuse to remember?” Something stirred in her. She came in close. “What heart?” she whispered.

EW.com: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ recap: Prom Pictures of You

Stefan grabbed Elena for a dance and did his best to remind her what it felt like when he touched her waist, when their fingers intertwined, when he dipped her. “Does your heart really refuse to remember?” he asked her in a breathy, sexy voice. I certainly felt something! He raised her up, and you thought they were going to kiss. But no. “What heart?” Elena said. Cold! She walked away, and we saw that Damon had been watching. Elena may have felt nothing, but Stefan did.

By the way, now that her “Stay” song has entered their history, what was the chance for a worldwide Twitter trend to happen simultaneously for Rihanna and Stelena?
Funny enough, it did on this Saturday, April 20: