4×19 preview spoilers round-up


A few TV reporters got the chance to see a preview of the episode and you can find in their following articles the little information they were allowed to reveal about it:

KsiteTV: Eight Things About “Pictures Of You”

Stefan and Damon decide that maybe the key to getting Elena to turn her emotions back on is to give her really strong, well, emotions. Lexi’s not around to make it happen, but maybe something will get through to her before she’s even further gone?

Zap2it: Your ‘Pictures of You’ questions answered!

Stefan and Damon decide to spend the dance trying to remind Elena of why emotions are good, in order to get her to turn her sire bond back on. Damon talks to her about her professed love for him, while Stefan tries… a more hands-on approach

Someone uses the word “boyfriend.” But don’t get too excited! Of all the high school dances he’s inappropriately attended, we’re pretty sure this one will go down in history as Damon’s least favorite.

Caroline and Stefan do share a dance… and she suggests that maybe he’ll meet someone who will help him move on from Elena.

HollywoodLife.com: ‘Vampire Diaries’ Prom: 6 Spoiler-y Bites From Thursday’s Episode

Stefan claims he’ll leave Elena alone forever once she flips the switch, but there are quite a few moments this week that will make you question his commitment to that plan.

Elena also dances with one of the Salvatores to Rihanna‘s “Stay,” and to say the moment is hot would be a grave understatement.

TVLine: Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey’s, True Blood, NCIS, Big Bang, Chicago Fire, TVD and More

Elena and Stefan do share an incredibly heated dance, but it’s his intentions you should be asking about. As for Delena, let’s just say Damon’s doubts about Elena’s feelings for him prove to be a sore spot.

The Hollywood Reporter: 13 Things to Know About Mystic Falls’ Senior Prom

Elena and Stefan recall happier times while dancing.

E!online: The Vampire Diaries: Damon and Elena Have Major Drama and 4 Other Things to Expect From Prom!

Though Stefan shares a rather intimate moment with his ex Elena on the dance floor, he also shares a dance with his pal Caroline and the chemistry is definitely there between them.

During his prom moment with Elena, Damon drops two b-words during their intense conversation: “Boyfriend” and, er, “bitch.” And yes, she really deserves at least one of these after trying to hit him where it really hurts, aka the sire bond.

TVOvermind: The Mystic Falls High Prom Brings Emotion, Mayhem and Memorable Moments

As for Stefan, Caroline’s friendship with him is a terrifically organic one that has been developed consistently over time and they also have a great moment where Caroline gives him some friendly and poignant advice about how he might approach his future.