5×11 PicSpam Fun + the Re#ash

There seem to be two schools of thought on Stefan’s behavior in 500 Years of Solitude. One is that he is the absolute coolest, most understanding, forgiving, awesome guy in the world for giving Elena some relationship advice about she and Damon. He told her not to give up on him (Damon) because she never gave up on Stefan. Hmmm… okay? The other thought is that Stefan is out of his f*cking mind–he would never be so cool about Delena… let along doling out advice about them getting back together. Speaking for myself, I’m 100% with the second school of thought, and how about a little picspam fun to “celebrate” the 100th episode and Stefan’s descent into lobotomization!

500-1 500-2 500-3 500-4 500-5 500-6 500-7 500-8 500-9 500-10 500-11 500-12 500-13 500-14 500-15 500-16 500-17

Sadly, I think Elena is gonna actually take Stefan’s advice and give Damon another try. Take solace in the fact that Elena doesn’t seem upset at all about losing Damon, and honestly Damon talks a good game about trying to win his girl back, but he doesn’t back it up with any emotion at all. At least Kat & Elena’s body swap will act as a cock-block in the short term. We can only hope that long term, some good sense gets drilled into Elena’s head… and Stefan’s too for that matter!

Okay, now for the re#ash…

Enjoy tonight’s episode if you dare!