Another Scene Eliminated… We’re Down to 4!

Well, we could prolong the voting this round, but it’s pretty clear The One Getting Me Through This isn’t making it through any further with 61% of you already casting a vote for its demise! While we completely appreciate the fact that Stefan and Elena are seen hugging and kissing in this scene, it also sucks knowing that the reason Elena can’t drink animal blood or from a blood bag is because she’s actually sired to Damon, not because of some doppelganger mumbo jumbo. The Battle is all about a good emotional scene, whether it’s happy or sad, makeups or breakups, and this scene just doesn’t pack that punch.

Here are your Final 4 Battle scenes!

4×01 – Best Choice I Ever Made

4×01 – Rooftop Sunrise

4×02 – Makeout In The Woods

4×19 – Dance At The Prom