Arielle Kebbel: “Lexi will always have Stefan’s back”

A nice interview of Arielle Kebbel with Wetpaint Entertainment: Arielle Kebbel Hopes Lexi Will Return For Season 5

Obviously, there’s a huge shift in The Vampire Diaries universe. How do you feel about the end of last season?
I mean, someone’s got to get Stefan out.

When you came back, was there a strong fan reaction to seeing Lexi?
Yes, I have to say, I was so touched by most of the fans really love the moment where Stefan and I hugged and embraced for the first time again. And to feel that reaction from the fans was heartwarming for me to hear that we gave that to them.

So hypothetically, thoughts and feelings, what would you like to see Lexi still do?
Come back on the show. It’s as simple as that.

Rekindle that friendship?
Oh, Lexi will always have Stefan’s back. Whether she’s back on the show in real life or from the other side. For eternity, she’s got his back.