Arielle Kebbel talks Lexi & Stefan, Steroline and Stelena

From Alloy Entertainment: Arielle Kebbel talks “Perfect Score” and teases potential Lexi Branson spin-off

Alloy Entertainment: Are you Team Damon or Team Stefan? Or is there another TVD character who you think would be a great match for Lexi?
Arielle Kebbel: I’d like to see a man who’s strong enough to come in and handle Lexi, that’s what I’d like to see. But, you know, Lexi always has Stefan’s back, through this universe and any other, she’ll always be there for him.

Alloy Entertainment: Caroline and Stefan have grown much closer in TVD Season 4. Is Lexi supportive of this potential union or will she always root for Stefan and Elena?
Arielle Kebbel: Oh, Lexi is definitely…yeaaaaa. (Pauses and laughs.) Well, let’s just say this: Lexi lovingly observes the saga between Elena and Stefan because she loves Stefan. But that’s the only reason why. She’s like his older sister. She knows better. She can see what’s coming. However, I don’t think she has very much faith in Elena yet at the same time she knows that she can’t step in between them. Her job is to guide him as a friend as best as she can.

From Wetpaint: Would Stefan and Lexi Ever Hook Up on Vampire Diaries?

“Lexi and Stefan will never hook up,” Arielle insisted after clarifying that we weren’t asking if she’d like to see Stefan and Caroline together. “Could you tell I was so thrown by the question?” she asked. “My mind can’t even wrap itself around it.”
Instead, their platonic relationship is much stronger than any fleeting romance between them could be. “They have this brother-sister/best friend, spiritual, angelic bond,” says Arielle of Stefan and Lexi.

It’s been Lexi’s raison d’être to keep Stefan on the straight and narrow. According to Arielle, “Whatever Lexi thinks, she’s there to support Stefan.” And that means both Arielle and Lexi are proud to let their Stelena flags fly. “I think it’s fun to piss off the Delena fans,” Arielle admitted with a grin.