Ask Lexi: Is a “Cosmic Connection” really just a sire bond?

NewLexiSmallQ: Hey Lexi:) This cosmic connection thing sounds like a sire bond .. I mean it’s like Stefan and Elena have no choice but to love each other. What do you think? – Derya

A: Derya,

Very interesting query. Descriptive words take on a life of their own don’t they? And the word cosmic, as used to describe Stefan and Elena’s emotional connection, has become a bit of a conundrum. I sense that for some the concern is about how this may affect the importance and authenticity of Stefan and Elena’s love; and for a few it may be the inference of a possible supernaturally conjured aspect that is worrisome; still for others it is the implication and ramification that the word (cosmic) brings to mind.

Let’s put your mind at ease Derya. First, let’s define and examine the word ‘cosmic’ within the context in which it’s used. What is imperative for you to appreciate is that cosmic (as it’s meant in the statement) means a rare and harmonious occurrence. The ‘cosmic’ existence between these two is nothing short of a limitless and immeasurable miracle.
This connection was born intrinsically–it’s almost an innate element, therefore it’s a lasting, real and true connection. The connection isn’t about fairy dust being sprinkled about or a voodoo curse being cast; rather, there is, at the core of this connection a ‘sixth’ sense, and a kind of intuitive vibe. Not only are their souls aligned in an empathic keenness, there is synergy at the heart of the relationship, uniquely fitted because it’s rooted in free will.

In other words, a cosmic connection isn’t strictly about a relationship that is bound to happen romantically; it’s about coming to an acute awareness that you are a part of a unique personal experience; that the universe is aligned in such a manner that allows you to be sensitized and sensitive to another soul.

There is also, I believe an unconscious component which is manifested by a restlessness of spirit (as yet unidentified by them both); because there is never a sense of wholeness when they are separated. There is an uneasiness and emptiness (hole in the soul) when they are apart, which neither is fully able to recognize and pinpoint as of yet. It’s a connection where the ‘whole’ is better than two separate individuals.

The sire bond is a universe away from a cosmic connection. If this was a astronomic comparison, sire bonding would be considered the black hole of space. Sire bonding is an extrinsic occurrence, brought about by a specific supernatural event, which in fact gives the victim no choice. It’s simply a lie. Being bonded is self limiting and the practice thrives on control. It is an emotional and physical trap set to disrupt, disturb and disable free will. When bonded there is theft of self and consciousness. There are no real shared feelings. It’s a dismal connection where individual needs aren’t matched, and where a ‘sense’ of each other isn’t in sync. In other words, the emotions felt aren’t cosmically originated, they are falsely and temporarily imposed.

I embrace their cosmic connection, rather than thinking it’s magically induced, I think it makes them magical.


We knew you’d have a great answer to this one, Lexi!