Ask Lexi: Is Caroline the new Lexi?

Question from Stella: Many people think that Caroline has the potential to become Stefan’s new Lexi. What’s your take on their friendship?

Dear Stella:

I’m arrogant enough to believe that I cannot be replaced as Stefan’s particular friend or that the friendship I forged with Stefan can ever be replicated. Having said that however, I am the first to admit that my friend needs a confidant. Someone to help fine-tune and make sense out of non-sense. Someone to help neutralize despair or desperation. Someone to be a sounding-board and/or offer advice or just to be there.

Being Stefan’s friend was a privilege due to the true nature of this man. Because of the value he places on others. Because of the worth he sees in others. Because he’s fair and giving, respectful and loyal. I have seen him at the worst of times and at the best. He’s witty and funny and is as smart as a whip. But he’s also a man who is fractured and has had his humanity skewed.

I do not know Caroline nor have I met her; but the qualities she needs to have are one of compassion and strength and patience. She must have a strong will and deep respect for Stefan. She must also know who he is at his core, and she must be able to hear what he has to say, but she must also listen. She has to draw a fine line between criticism and constructive help. She must know when to push–how hard and how long, but also when to pull back. She must know when to act and allow time for recovery.

Being friend and confidante is challenging, and I believe if Caroline has all the above mentioned ‘tools’ in her arsenal, as well as the willingness to be an on call ‘lifeline’, then she absolutely is the perfect candidate to be Stefan’s new me!


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One thought on “Ask Lexi: Is Caroline the new Lexi?

  1. Thank you Lexi! 🙂 I agree that no other friend will ever replace you in Stefan’s heart. But Caroline can do great at being a good/best friend to him as well, if need be.

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