Ask Lexi: Is Stefan going to figure out it’s really Katherine?

NewLexiSmall Q: Lexi, do you think that Stefan is going to figure it out that it is Katherine in Elena body and not Elena? And what will you do about it?


A: Dear Ima:

Stefan has always had a sixth sense when it’s come to ‘sniffing’ out the differences between Katherine and Elena and I believe that this time will be no different.

I suspect that it’s the little idiosyncratic differences from Katherine and the manner and timing of what she’ll say that will heighten his suspicion. I also believe that there is a symbiotic connection with Elena that is unmatched with Katherine and that will be a factor in the undoing of the farce Katherine is now engaged in. There has been a seed of doubt planted already. When ‘Elena’ approached him at the party he seemed hesitant before his welcome.
In the meantime part of what will deter Stefan from ‘admitting’ or paying close attention to those nagging feelings that something isn’t right, will be the (misguided) idea that Katherine is dead.

What will I do about the situation?

My goal has always been to illuminate a path for my best friend to follow where he can capture and claim the happiness he deserves; and I’m driven more so now than ever before to make sure he gets that chance for happiness and permanent peace of mind. It was heartbreaking seeing him robbed, especially when that emotional insult was due to betrayal and deception.

My plan of action is in progress. I have been doing all I can from this end to correct the situation. Because I’m not a witch [unfortunately] my ability to take direct action is not possible; but I’m calling in every favor and looking to communicate and conspire with every witch and /or warlock here on TOS. It’s been an uphill battle so far. There has been a feeling of uncertainty since Q changed the anchor. It is unclear if more changes are coming here, and as such there’s an unstable almost chaotic climate among all who dwell here, which in large part can be attributed to some polarizing because of the Silas and Q situation.

The problem that exists now is my continued inability to find a way to communicate with Bonnie. My focus will be making sure that Bonnie does inventory and carefully recount all of the souls that has crossed over TOS since her tenure. Due to politics it’s been hard getting there, but I’m getting closer.


It’s nice to know you’re looking out for Stefan, Lexi, though it sounds like things have gotten a bit difficult on the other side! We here in this earthly realm are thankful for all you do in keeping us posted, and we join you in hopeful anticipation that Bonnie will get a clue and realize Kat has not crossed on over. Perhaps Jeremy has put her into a love/lust coma? That is a question for another day!