Ask Lexi: Psychic Lexi? + 5×16 Re#ash

NewLexiSmallAll the recent Traveler chanting of late has really clogged up our connection to The Other Side, but thankfully we managed to get through for a quick chat with Lexi! She wanted to remind us (and everyone) that she isn’t psychic, and many of the questions we send her way tend to be asking about things that Lexi simply cannot know. She uses her deep connection with Stefan and her knowledge of supernatural life to give us the best answers she can… no crystal balls involved.

Q: Hi Lexi

Is something going to happen to Stefan, like Stefan getting hurt and Elena the one that must help him and save his life? Will this perhaps help Elena to remember that she loved him? When will Elena and Stefan be together again? — Will they ever be together again or will they always just be friends or will Damon not stand in his brothers way and let Stefan be happy again? I miss Stelena so much.


A: Dear Ima:

Will Stefan get hurt? Odds are at some point in time, Stefan will undoubtedly get hurt. Whether or not Elena will be there is hard to say since I simply cannot predict the future. Suffice it to say if there was such a scenario, [where Stefan was hurt or in danger], Elena would move heaven and earth to save him. It is important to remember Ima, that Elena still loves Stefan, and she will always remember the love they shared and she will revel in the love they will share again.

I believe that Stefan and Elena will always be friends because I think it’s a necessary component in a loving relationship. I also believe that in time Stefan and Elena will commit [romantically] to each other again because “though lovers be lost, love shall not”.

Will Damon stand in their way? It won’t matter whether he tries to or not. When Stefan and Elena are together this time, their union will not be threatened by Damon’s feelings, interference or influence nor will it be defiled by Elena’s need to ‘find herself’ or ‘save a soul’ or ‘grow up’; instead their relationship will be about a stronger, healthier and eternal union.


Wow, Lexi… indeed, Stefan and Elena will always love each other, and we definitely hope that “eternal union” comes to pass!

In case ya missed it, here’s the rehash to catch you up on last week’s epi. WARNING: You’ll have to endure some Delena to make it through this one!