Ask Lexi: Sirebonds, Coffins and Breakups… Oh My! + Hell Hath No Fury Like a Scene Scorned!

NewLexiSmallIt’s time again to get out the Ouija Board and summon Lexi for a little advice (question from Julia)…

Hello Julia:

Do you think Stefan will be the one to wreck Damon and Elena’s relationship?

Stefan will be the one to wreck Damon and Elena’s relationship–but not in the way you may think–not directly. His interference will not be the intrusive, full court press, physical and emotional tactics that was used by Damon to undermine Stefan and Elena’s relationship. No, no, Damon and Elena’s relationship will implode. A romantic relationship formed under circumstances of anguish or hardship is doomed. Elena’s true love for Stefan will eventually ‘catch up’ with her and seep into the relationship with Damon.

Do you think Elena will be the one to save Stefan from the coffin underwater?

Julia, I don’t know who will find him, but more than likely it’ll be someone new to MF. However, until then I’m going to be there [in spirit] helping my friend to hold on.

And lastly, is the sirebond REALLY over? Because when Elena proved to him that it was (she said no to him about something) it could have just been the sire bond talking, knowing that Damon wanted the sire bond gone. Then when Elena picked Damon, she could still be under the sire bond.

Interesting theories you have there. Here are the facts: It is said that there’s no way to officially break the sire bond, but for Damon to tell Elena to forget about him to forget he ever existed and move on with her life; and she would have to. He did say what would make him happy was “if he knew the entire time they were together, it was real”–and now it’s ‘real’.

That said, Elena made it clear that the sire bond is no longer in effect. I do think that Elena’s feelings for Damon (heightened as they are) and her decision to be with him, is 70 percent about ‘lifestyle’. Surrounded by so much death, I think that Elena believes that Damon’s ‘vampire style’ is more compatible with who she presently chooses to be.


Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us Lexi, and we take comfort in knowing that you’ll at least try to be there for Stefan while he’s trapped in that coffin!

It almost seems like an afterthought to mention our latest casualty in the Battle of the Stelena Scenes. A solid 41% of you felt that Stefan & Elena’s “You’re in Hell, I’m in Hell” scene needed to go. Was it Elena’s crying or Stefan’s stern expression that did it for you? We’re guessing it had to be all that talk about Damon and how Elena fed on him without telling Stefan about it. We could see the writing on the wall even then, couldn’t we? It’s one more scene down, and  we get closer and closer to a winner (and S5… *eeeek*)!