Ask Lexi: Stefan vs. Damon

AskLexiFinalSmall300We’ve caught up with Lexi again (this time thanks to a Quija board), and she had plenty to share about the most recent happenings with Stefan and Elena!

Dear Lexi,

It sickens me to watch Elena and Damon be together. First off, he is kind of a jerk. Second, Stefan is more compassionate, kind and hotter. But it looks like Elena has lost her marbles by choosing Damon. So do you think Elena will end up with Stefan or Damon? I hope it’s Stefan; he is her soulmate, and the thought of her with Damon almost makes me want to stop watching altogether. Need to know, super important!

Dear Sick and Tired of Damon:

Damon can be a first class jerk for sure; but I have seen him do some half-way decent things on his brother’s behalf. Mind you, this does not give him a free pass to be the colossal waste of space that he is at times, or the badgering intrusive ass that he can be.

As for Stefan being the more compassionate, kinder and hotter of the two–yes and yes and yes to eternity. There are so many remarkable differences between the two. First and foremost it’s the difference in being a man, not a boy. It’s the difference in realizing that who you are is not defined by your misfortunes, or past or past mistakes. It’s the difference in knowing that compassion isn’t weakness and that loving isn’t a test. It’s the difference in knowing that showing love is strength and hiding it is failure–as whole and real person.

To be clear–Elena has not chosen Damon. She has already made her choice, it was Stefan. Damon is not now nor ever will be her first choice. She has no free will now, therefore she has no choice [at the moment]. Note the word choice. It’s a powerful word; it is the premier and utmost psychological component of freedom, and she has no freedom. She is bound and in bondage. This is a blisteringly unfair situation. There are no winner’s here. But the biggest loser will be Damon.

Stefan and the real Elena’s love story doesn’t need ‘labels’. What Stefan and Elena have is a symbiotic and empathic relationship. In their relationship,(apart from love) there is strength and purpose and passion. We will see the depth and fervor of their love again.
Oh Stefan will be in pain for a little bit–but it’s his passion that will give him power and it’s his pain that will give him conviction. You have seen this as have I. What’s more–I know this to be true.


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3 thoughts on “Ask Lexi: Stefan vs. Damon

    1. I think the answer to this question is quite obvious, since we already know Lexi prefers Stefan! 😉 She would never choose Damon. Not now, not ever.

  1. ITA with Grace! Lexi would, without a doubt, choose Stefan over Damon. Now if the choice was who should be pushed off a 100 foot cliff, then Lexi might feel differently 😉

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