Ask Lexi: The sire bond has Elena “Infected and Infested”

AskLexiFinalSmall300Lexi does her best to explain the vampire-vampire sire bond.

Question from Stella: Lexi, I’d be interested in reading your opinion about the influence of the sire bond on Elena’s personality.

Dear Stella:

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. There has been something interfering with the ‘reception’ here in this plane. I’ve heard rumblings before about something about to happen that will affect the world as you humans know it, but this time the ghost whisperers seem quite upset about it. Their fear that darkness this way comes (as the elder put it) has made communicating with the world beyond quite the fete. So I’m making good in this window of opportunity.

The sire bond is a rare phenomenon–period. At least it’s rarely seen when it comes to vampire to vampire synergy. When it comes to the vampire/werewolf ‘exchange’, the odds are greater that this bond will be in place. It is the idea that the maker vampbrid is ‘taking away the pain’ of the previous existence of a werewolf which the neophyte hybrid appreciates; and which they quite ‘freely’ give their allegiance of life and limb. It is a slave mentality that is in place, until the bondee, with strong will and determination, seek to break that bond and where there are a set of actionable, physical circumstance that does just that. So the metamorphosis and it’s demise are quite straightforward.

My understanding of the sire bond (vampire-vampire) is muddier because the defining manifestations of this phenomena is one that is quite in distinctive. The signs and symptoms are unclear in the affect, the effect and the duration on the bonded person. The ‘cure’ is tricky, because the ‘sire’ has power over the bondee, and as such the granting of freedom, comes down to a combination of things. The sheer will and determination of the bondee and/or the hope that the psychological power the ‘sire’ will be replaced by conscience.
One of the major differences between the types of sire bond, is that unlike the werewolf/vamp linkage, the entire makeup of the vamp/vamp manifestation is due to mind control–similar to being compelled.

These are rough waters for Elena because she can no longer rely on her thoughts and her actions, because she is infected and infested really. Her ‘brain’ is Damon. Here’s what the brain does.
The brain is the supervisory center of the nervous system. It also serves as the site of emotions, memory, self-awareness, and thought. The brain directly controls conscious or voluntary behavior, such as walking and thinking.

The brain is used in sensing our body’s needs; sensing our environment (sight, touch, and taste); organizing and planning (what steps do I need to take to get to and from someplace); memory function; relating and comparing past events to present ones; initiating complex motor programs and finally, producing the emotional response to the successful completion of the job (satisfaction). If the brain doesn’t work properly, it can interfere with any of the processes described above and it is through Damon that all of these functions are processed. These are his thoughts and needs.

Elena has ceased to exist, unfortunately. This shell that we see that looks like and talks like Elena, is actually Damon–in a dress.


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