Ask Lexi – Together again?

NewLexiSmallA shoutbox question from Angelique: “I wanna know if you think there’s still a chance for Stefan and Elena after everything that has happened?”

So Lexi, what’s your take on this season’s events and do you think we’ll ever see them together again?

Hey Angelique:

I apologize for the tardiness of my reply. It’s been my goal to look for my friend Stefan; however these past few weeks I haven’t been able to ‘sense’ him and I’m a bit worried.

The first time Stefan spoke about Elena was an epiphany for both of us. The passion with which he described who she was, made it clear that his love for her was humanizing both in the depth of it and the consummation of it.

I would never count Stefan out for any reason. Although this is not a competition, Stefan is a ‘winner’. He wins in the manner in which he loves her. He wins in the ways in which he shows his love; in the little things and the big things that he does. He wins because Stefan’s love is not a test nor is it about giving in to a momentary feeling or passing fancy.
He wins because within his love Elena ‘found’ herself; without it she has/will find herself lost.

In my role as Stefan’s friend, I [in trying to make him focus on the need for his own journey], hinted that there may not be ‘the one’ as it relates to a romantic destiny. It was a frivolous statement meant to realign his thoughts. I do not believe that statement to be true.

The inessential turning point–that’s what I call what occurred in MF this year. The chain of events that contributed to the catastrophic changes was an intervention of the supernatural kind. But what that means in effect is that the empirical circumstances have momentarily shifted, not the prophesy or the destiny for Stefan and Elena.

They will be together again.


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