Ask Lexi: Will Season Five bring Surprise Stelena Reunion?


While Lexi did not make an appearance in Mystic Falls for their 100th episode spectacular, she did agree to visit our humble little blog. Her thoughtful answers to our burning questions continue…

Q: From: stelenalove (guest)
Will Elena get back with Stefan in the 5th season?

A: Hello Stelenalove:

It’s very hard to predict these things with 100 percent degree of certainty, I mean knowing the precise moment in time that lovers ‘recover’ from a lapse in judgement is tricky. Unfortunately the human psyche is very fragile, and when there are severely fragmented emotional moments [that present themselves from time to time and test limitations] there has to be healing to be whole again.

Elena’s psyche is splintered right now and the part of her psyche that is able to deal with the kind of ‘pain’ that comes from wave after wave of major loss, is shut down. Remember Elena not only lost family members (for which she had a brief to no mourning period) she actually lost Stefan (people tend to forget that)–she never ‘unloved’ him. He knew her best and he was and continues to be (albeit unconsciously) everything to her; but most crucially she lost herself. How long before she recovers is anyone’s guess; but I have seen certain chinks in her protective armor that points toward a reawakening.

I think her ‘recovery’ is going to be as careful and diligent coming back as quick and impulsive as her descent was to coarseness. Elena is ‘carrying’ Damon’s dream, not her own and she needs to wake up. So no, I don’t believe she will get back with Stefan in the fifth season–but it will happen.


Thanks Lexi. So, if season 5 is a bust for Stelena, we’ll take note that “it will happen” eventually!