Battle of the Stelena Scenes Elimination + Paul & Nina!

The Porch Breakup scene was the first to go in the Battle of the Stelena Scenes, with 20% of you voting it your least favorite SE scene of Season 4. Not a huge surprise considering this was the beginning of the end for Stelena this season. The emotions ran raw on that porch, and who of us didn’t feel the emotion in Stefan’s eyes and want to give him a big hug? Elena was deserving of sympathy as well considering she was sired to Damon but didn’t know it and was dealing with a lot of pain and confusion. Well, it’s on to the next elimination! Remember to vote your least favorite scene.

Paul was looking super hot on his trip to Brazil…

The 30-year-old The Vampire Diaries actor is visiting South America to help celebrate the opening of the latest John John store!

– from Just Jared

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And Nina graces the July 2013 cover of Company – Hollywood Life


Now come on Season 5 promo pics!