“Best Choice” Wins! + New S5 Banner

First, you’ll notice a new banner for the blog that incorporates the winner of our current battle as well as our runner up. These scenes were so important to Stelena in season 4 that it felt right to include them both. The Rooftop Sunrise incorporates the sweetness of the Stelena we were hoping for while Best Choice shows us the emotional depth as well as the sadness of Stefan and Elena’s relationship. For S5, we can’t help but to feel down as we find them apart, but we also have hope that they’ll find their way back to one another, so this banner in particular really helps to represent the hopes and realities we imagine S5 will bring. Most importantly, we have to thank Jessica (aka Salvalove on the forum) for creating the banner! She is also responsible for the forum banner (for those of you who are members). Thanks again Jessica… we really do appreciate it (and you)!

Now, on to the voting results… it wasn’t even close… The Best Choice I Ever Made easily beat out the Rooftop Sunrise, 76% to 24%, and is the well deserved winner to the Battle of the Stelena Scenes: Season 4 Edition!

Near death, Elena tells Stefan, “I had to choose, and I picked you… because I love you,” and “no matter what happens, it’s the best choice I ever made.” Through brain scrambling sire bonds, emotional off switches and even Elena choosing Damon at the end of season 4 *barf,* what we know is that Elena’s love for Stefan trumps all of it. Choosing him, choosing them was the best choice she has ever made. Elena knows this, and in choosing Damon she tells him it will prove to be the worst choice she has ever made. Does she feel herself now unworthy of a relationship with Stefan because of who she has become? Does she feel she owes it to all involved to see her relationship with Damon play out? Or does she just believe that she is a completely different person than she was when she was with Stefan, incapable of being able to nurture that relationship? I’d say only Elena knows, but I’m pretty convinced that she herself is quite confused. Hopefully we’ll get more answers with S5, but for now we can rest assured what the right choice is, the best choice… Stefan!

So, this is actually our third Battle of the Stelena Scenes. While we didn’t exactly do one for S1 or S2, we did sort of an ultimate battle that combined both of those seasons along with parts of S3 and then did a S3 stand alone battle. Here are our past winners!

Season 3 Battle Winner: The Phone Call

First Battle Winner: Turning Point Love Scene

Thanks to everyone who voted in this year’s Battle!