“Bring It On?” No Thank You!

Bring It On has officially been broughten to its knees as 51% of you declare it’s your least favorite scene of the 10 that remain! Perhaps it’s because Elena is trying too hard to be like Katherine in this scene, complete with sexual innuendos and in your face bad assery, that led many of you to bump it off. Or… maybe it was the fact that she sabotaged the cheer pyramid, allowing poor Caroline to take a nasty thud on the ground (but were we really worried about Caroline getting hurt? She is a vampire and all). Quite possibly it was the fact that her interactions with Stefan were pretty much nothing like what we’d grown accustomed to. She was cold, detached, and so deserving of that vervain in the end. Still, it was nice to see Stefan and Elena actually physically touching, wasn’t it? Give me a S-T-E-L-E-N-A! Goooooo Stelena!

The battle is gonna get harder now with only nine scenes left, all of them good in their own way. Choose wisely for Round 10!