Candice Accola talks Caroline’s support to Stefan and Stelena

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Celebuzz: We love the scenes we’ve seen between Caroline and Stefan this year. Their friendship has been a highlight of the season. How will it continue to develop throughout the course of the season?

CA: That’s something that’s very strong with Caroline and Stefan is their communication is just very on point. They’re very much on the same page. It’s nice. They trust each other’s judgments very easily. I love those scenes too because it’s just Caroline is so strong and comfortable and able to say things very clearly when she’s around Stefan. I love the dynamic of their talks.
They’re definitely on the same page with the plan that’s ensuing and I just love watching this friendship build. She is Team Stefan all the way. She knows that the root of him is a very selfless, good man and she wants that for her friend. She doesn’t want Elena to get hurt. That’s why she wants to just hit Elena over the head with a frying pan being like, ‘What are you doing? There is this great man that has done nothing but prove that he’s selfless and yea maybe he was the Ripper and maybe he messed up but he works on it. He wants to be better. Damon never wants to be better. Damon’s always Damon.’ That’s very much the tone of what Caroline has been giving Elena.

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As for the other potential love interest for Caroline, Stefan (come on, you see their connection too!), Accola says right now Staroline (Cefan? Forvatore?) is just a friendship. “I really enjoy [their dynamic], and right now Caroline is really just rooting for him and Elena to be together so bad because she knows this is a good guy. He deserves to be with someone great. Elena is great; she deserves to be with someone great. They would be perfect together and live happily ever and I could plan that whole wedding! That’s where Caroline’s at right now. I think she just recognizes all these great things about him, and that the core of him is so selfless, but she’s very much in love and wrapped up with Tyler right now.”

And her great insight on the current Elena/Damon relationship in this Hollywood Crush article:

I think the ‘sire bond’ thing is about losing free will, when you don’t question anything, when you’re at your weakest, and your entire focus is on the person you’re with. There’s a lot of very deep parallels to what it means to be in an emotionally abusive or potentially physically abusive relationship. Without the supernatural cloak, in real life, you have to realize that you do have a say. You have to start thinking about what you want in your life, to break yourself of the sire-bond and you have to be your own hero. It’s sad, it’s scary, but you do have to break yourself from it and not feel that the end all be all is in this other person or that they hold your happiness. You have to realize that you have the strength and you hold your own key to your own happiness.”