Candice Accola’s perspective on Stefan/Caroline

Caroline has seemed a little jealous over Stefan recently. Does she want their friendship to become something more?
Accola: I was hoping it wouldn’t come off as jealousy, but more protective. When I read [the scene] I had the same question, but I think it’s more that she just doesn’t feel right about [him and Elena]. Stefan is finally getting his life together and Caroline is trying to be there for Elena, but if you want the best intentions for everyone you’ll say, “No, this isn’t a good idea. Everyone is finally getting their own lives together. Why are you going back?” So I think she just felt protective.

Would you personally like it to become more?
Accola: I’ve really enjoyed watching Caroline and Stefan’s relationship grow over the past couple of seasons because it just shows that the evolution of Caroline. At the beginning, she was just after him because he was the cute new boy in town and she never really had a friend that was male that she was just friends with. She’s had a relationship with a lot of the gentlemen on the series and again, that can happen when you’re young, but I like that this has remained a friendship and that there hasn’t been an onslaught of sexual tension with them.

Source: TV Guide