Caroline, captain of the Stelena ship

She was the highlight of this episode and our spokeperson all along, forcefully supporting Stefan and his relationship with Elena, expressing out loud her disgust for Delena… A big shout out to Miss Caroline Forbes, pride of the Stelena fandom!

– She said she has feelings for Damon.
– What!? She can’t have feelings for Damon. He’s… Damon, and you’re you, and I’m… revolted! You know, I’m gonna talk to her. I’m going to shake some sense into her clearly diseased brain.

– I’m your best friend, and I would never pick sides, but are you sure that this is what you want? Because Stefan is your soulmate.
– It’s not like I don’t love Stefan anymore, but I can’t deny that ever since I turned, my feelings for Damon have become more intense.
– Yeah, I know. Stefan filled me in on all the gory Damon details.
– He did? Is he ok?
– No. He’s heartbroken.

– Maybe Damon’s right.
– No. Damon’s never right. Damon is sneaky and manipulative and rude, but he’s never right. How can you not see that? I think your so-called feelings for Damon are really starting to cloud your judgment, and I don’t like it, and the thought of you two together really makes me want to barf.

– Elena is right. I just need to let go.
– No. You’re right, Stefan. It’s not pretty, and it’s not easy, but you can’t give up on her.

– You and her… epic! – Her and Damon… ugh, God.