Caroline Dries Dishes on TVD’s 100th Episode & Season 5 Storylines

Stefan and Nadia seem to be the only two people who are sticking by Katherine’s side in her time of need. Do you think she’s deserving of their loyalty and love?
Caroline Dries: […] As for Stefan, it’s a little harder to swallow. I think it’s definitely earned, but Stefan has all the reason in the world to watch Katherine die and sit back and be satisfied. However, as you’ll see in [the 100th] episode, he makes a case for why he’s standing by her side. There’s a moving moment in which he defends her and we realize, “Okay. I get what Stefan is doing” and they’ve also grown closer over the last few episodes. Actually, the Katherine and Stefan storyline has been one of my favorites so far of [Season 5]. He’s her Achilles’ heel — he’s the thing that softens her, and in a way, you’re rooting for them. Moreover, you’re rooting for him to change her the same way Elena was able to change Damon.

Have we seen the last of the doppelganger storyline?
Caroline Dries: I won’t say yes, that we’ve seen the end of it, because I don’t want to give anything away. I will say, however, that’s what Season 5 has been about — the doppelgangers. Are we done with them? Will we see another one pop up at some point? Who knows. (Laughs.)

At the beginning of TVD Season 5, Stefan was locked away in the vault, and upon being freed, was left deeply traumatized by all those repetitious drownings and everything that went down with Qetsiyah and Silas. Where will the rest of the season find him now that he — with Katherine’s help — has sorted through those issues?
Caroline Dries: He’s now just kind of adapting to life after Elena. Damon and Elena had that huge break-up fight in [episode 5×10], and so the question we asked, is “How does Stefan feel about that?” Is he going to be a brother to Damon and support him or does he take advantage of the break-up and grow closer to Elena? He’s going to be in a tough position for somebody whose heart has also recently been broken. The character will still shine through, and we have a juicy storyline coming up for Stefan that I can’t spoil, but I promise it will be good.

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