Caroline Dries interview for TV Guide

And as we’ve seen in previews, Stefan isn’t showing up alone. “Stefan tugs along Elena (Nina Dobrev) not realizing it’s Katherine … and you have this chemistry starting to re-sizzle in the relationship.”
But could that chemistry be the thing to snap Stefan into the reality that it’s Katherine, not Elena, he’s with? And once that occurs, where does the gang go from here to save her?

Knowing Katherine won’t hijack Elena’s body for too long, will Stefan’s resurfaced feelings for his former love remain after the realization that it was her doppelganger putting the moves on him? And how would he recover from that? “Katherine is doing the meanest thing she can do to a person which is just when they get over someone and are in the first stages of healing she tears that wound open again,” Dries says. “She’s forcing Stefan to question, ‘Was I an idiot for saying goodbye to Elena and walking away?’ So we get into his head a little bit with the turmoil she’s putting him through. But if I were Stefan and I found out ultimately that it wasn’t Elena, there might be some sense of relief in that he doesn’t have to go down that road again.”

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