Caroline Dries on Stefan, Katherine and the Doppelgänger prophecy

Moving onto Katherine and Stefan, people seem to love them together.
Dries: I’m so pro-Stefan and Katherine too and I think it’s because they have such deep dark history. I mean she really put him through the ringer and yet there is something about Stefan that softens Katherine. So to see a little shade of vulnerability with her, even just a peek, it feels like you’re getting so much satisfaction out of it. He’s her Achilles heel and that’s what I like about the relationship. And they have such great chemistry between them.

Will everyone find out about them?
Dries: [In the next episode we’ll see] who’s going to find out and how and what the fallout is. Damon will find out, but we’re not going to see Elena’s reaction until future episodes.

Will the doppelganger prophecy be re-addressed?
Dries: Since Silas and Amara died we put that chapter of mythology to sleep for a little while; towards the end of the season we’ll get back to that.

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A lot of “Stelena” fans were pretty upset about Stefan hooking up with Katherine, because they saw it as the end of “Stelena.” Have any advice for those fans?
My advice to them would be to relax. Stop tweeting at me [laughs]. I will say that for five seasons the love triangle has been the heart of this show. Just because Elena’s not with Stefan at this moment doesn’t mean that the triangle isn’t there in some way. So we’re going to keep Stefan’s love interest situation intact, whether it’s Elena or somebody else, it’s not like he’s going to be lonely.

With so many crazy things going down in the fall finale, what are you most excited for fans to see in the episode?
There’s a scene at the end between Stefan and Katherine that is one of my favorite scenes because it is just so beautiful and wonderful. It’s about forgiveness, and their history, and it’s just really well-acted and well-directed by Kellie Cyrus, the director. I just really love it.

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