Comic-Con preparation for TVD

The shooting of season 5 has officially started today, and the Vampire Diaries panel that will take place during the San Diego Comic-Con on July 20th will be a great opportunity to get some scoops about it.

So check out’s list of questions likely to be asked to the writers and producers, and vote for the ones you’re the most interested in! ‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5: 10 burning questions we want answered at Comic-Con (with poll)

1. How long will Stefan be trapped in the lake?
2. Will the Damon/Elena relationship last for more than a few episodes?
3. How much will we see Katherine in season 5?
4. Is it possible for Katherine to become a vampire again?
5. Are there more doppelganger reveals coming?
6. Will Silas’ master plan be revealed this year?
7. How can Bonnie still be a regular character when she’s now a ghost?
8. Can you confirm any Caroline/Klaus crossovers with ‘The Originals’?
9. Will there be any new recurring or regular characters?
10. Will April have a bigger role to play in season 5?

Also, how to resist Stefan’s gorgeous look on this TV Guide special cover?