Double Elimination in Round 4!

The carnage was especially heavy in Round 4 as two scenes tied for elimination, each with 22% of you voting them off. First to go is the Vampire Makeout scene. It started off quite promising with Elena baring her fangs and going at it with Stefan, but things ended quickly when Elena saw Damon’s mug on top of her. Add to that the really bad skin condition via some werewolf venom, and sending this scene off is certainly for the best.

Next to go is the Anger Management scene. There isn’t a whole lot going on here except Stefan trying to give Elena a workout (sadly, not the kind of workout we’d like to see between them) in order to get her mind off of wanting to kill Katherine. In the end, punching cement blocks and doing pullups isn’t enough to take her mind off of ripping Katherine’s heart out. So sad that Elena couldn’t have focused on the one emotion that really mattered, her love for Stefan *sniff*

On to Round 5!