Double Elimination + Sound Advice from Lexi!

Two scenes have been especially close in the voting lately, so we decided to take them both out of the running in one big elimination and make room for the five final scenes! You Just Have To Hold On was chosen by 30% of you as your least favorite scene of the remaining seven, and Let It In got 35%. Both scenes had a bit of Damon intrusion in them, so this may have been why there was such a strong showing to get ’em both out of the battle.

In You Just Have To Hold On, Damon drops Elena off on her front porch after an evening of feeding at Whitmore College. Elena tells Stefan, “I can’t live like this, Stefan. I’m feeling things that I don’t want to feel, and I’m becoming someone that I don’t want to be.” Even with the sire bond in effect, Elena is trying to fight the thing she least wants to be, a vampire, and presumably the things she is feeling, an ever growing and consuming attraction to Damon and a desire to be the kind of vampire Damon is. Stefan embraces her and tells her that she just has to hold on, but sadly we know that the Stelena road is about to take a sharp turn off a very high cliff. It’s just as hard for us to hold on as it is for Elena!

Our next scene to garner elimination, Let It In, finds Elena in freak out mode. She’s just attempted to kill Matt, and her emotions have been turned back on. All the horrible things she has done flood into her now emotion filled mind, and it’s just too much to handle. Stefan implores Elena to “find the thing inside of you that makes you want to live, Elena. Let it in!” As Stelena fans, we are desperate for that thing to be her love for Stefan and equally terrified it might be her feelings for Damon. Instead, we’ll find out it’s her hatred of Katherine, and when Damon asks her if she’s okay, she responds, “I’m not okay, but I’ll get better.” It’s not quite the breakthrough we were hoping for, but we’ll hope for a better one in S5, won’t we?

NewLexiSmallFinally, and perhaps most importantly, Lexi has some advice for a likewise named fan, Lexie:

Hi Lexi,

How long do you think Delena will be together for, and does this new guy Aaron have anything to do with the Delena breakup that they have mentioned? Lastly should we Stelena fans believe that Delena will break up the first half of the season or sooner like the speculation or spoiler said, or do you think it’s misleading? Please help me. You’re my only hope.

Hey there:

Unfortunately we who exist in this plane cannot tell what the future will bring. The witches insist on keeping that information to themselves.

What I will say is that Elena will never know true and lasting love with anyone else but Stefan and trying to capture the same feeling with anyone else will become a losing battle.

You should never lose hope, but more than hope you should have faith. I do.


Great advice, Lexi!