“Down the Rabbit Hole” picspam recap

With all the craziness that’s going on with TVD at the moment, and Stelena in particular, why not just do a total picspam and have a little fun? It’s how we get through all the Stelena drama, ya know?

We begin with Damon tied to a tree (wooohooo). Galen cooks dinner.


Damon finds out a bit more about Galen.


Galen doesn’t like Damon.


Elena calls Caroline. Things on the island are a mess. She needs someone to find that damn sword.


With Tyler’s help, Caroline is on it. Of course she has to get off the phone first.


Bonnie isn’t happy when Shane uses the tombstone to pay off that weird looking witch guy. Shane wants she and Jeremy to go down the hole.


Caroline and Tyler get the sword but not being archeology students, they can’t decipher the meaning.


Elena and Stefan have a chat. Stefan wanting to be human is about him, not her. They decide friendship isn’t such a bad thing.



Galen and Klaus break the bad news to Damon and Caroline/Tyler respectively. There is only one dose of the cure.

Bonnie and Jeremy go down into the hole. Bonnie cuts herself on her hand. Apparently, this part of her body produces the most blood, since her little ouch is enough to seep through the ground and into Silas’ mouth.


Klaus manages to tell Bex there is only one cure. Damon and Galen find the dead witch guy. There is definitely someone else on the island.


Stefan, Bex & Elena get to the quarry. They are close to the cure. Elena makes the first jump.


Bonnie tries to chill in the cave by putting her hand on Jeremy’s chest.


Bex tells Stefan there is only one dose of the cure. Stefan confirms he would give it to Elena if Bex got it first and gave him a pity dose. Bex snaps Stefan’s neck. Elena is sort of horrified.


Damon frees himself from Vaughn. He then goes on to completely contradict himself with regard to Elena getting the cure. And now he somehow cares about all his “friends?”


Elena feeds Stefan a blood bag. Stefan and Elena commiserate about there being only one dose of the cure. They both give up on it and decide to head home and deal with Klaus, but instead end up in the cave to help Damon.


Bonnie is tripping and seeing Grams. Jeremy tries to help her keep things in check.


Klaus wants to kill Tyler. Caroline convinces him not to, or so she thinks. He is only giving Tyler a head start. Bottom line: Klaus is mean. Caroline and Tyler have to say goodbye.




Back in the cave, Vaughn stabs Bonnie mid-sentence while Jeremy tries to smash the cure from Silas’ mummified hands. Elena has a run-in with Katherine who takes Vaughn down and “saves” Jeremy.




Katherine feeds Jeremy to Silas.


Is Jer dead? Is he not? We want to know so we can properly mourn or not.

Well, that’s it. Enjoy tonight’s episode!