Dreams & Nightmares: 4×06 – We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes Recap

For many of you, the entire episode was one long nightmare, topped off by the Stelena breakup that was hard for all of us to watch. The dreamy moments might have been lost under the crush of sadness, but what is a dreams and nightmares recap without dreams? We found them and are here to share.


Hayley – Are you TEAM HAYLEY yet? With Rebekah staked and stashed, there’s a new girl in town to root for. Some of us might not have liked Hayley at first for being a threat to Forwood happiness, but whether she has designs on Tyler or not, she’s quickly winning us over. Why? For one, she’s a team player. She’s loyal to her fellow werewolves and hybrids and is even willing to play along with Caroline in a scheme to fool Klaus. More important though is her fearless attitude. She talks back to Klaus, getting in his face to say, “I’d rather die anyway than end up as one of your sired little bitches!” That, we would say, is girl power.

Damon – I had to search high and low to find anything even remotely dreamlike in Damon’s favor, but when he uttered the line, “You know what they say about teenage suicide?… don’t do it,” to Elena, it brought me back to quirky but awesome 80s movie, Heathers. In fact, if you’re taking a hiatus from TVD, why not spend your Thursday night watching it?

Stefan & Elena – I guess things are often dependent upon perspective, and while we’re gutted about what these two are going through, it’s obvious that they are both still very much in love. Even if Elena’s feelings for Damon are “magnified” because of her unwanted vampire issues, it doesn’t mean she feels any less for Stefan or that she doesn’t want to be true to only him. It’s just that she’d be lying to herself and Stefan to say otherwise. The kind of relationship these two have built is better than that. There can’t be doubts, and if doubts exist, they either work through them or give themselves space to figure them out. They respect each other enough to do that, and love each other enough for us to realize they’ll be back, better than ever. It’s only a matter of time.

Stefan – He’s single ladies!!!! Seriously now… the truth is I was quite proud of Stefan. He advocated for himself in telling Elena, “I can’t do this anymore.” From his sad eyes, we knew it hurt him to say it out loud, but he didn’t have any other choice, did he? We’ve all heard the saying that if you truly love something (or someone), then you have to set it (her) free, and that’s exactly what Stefan did with Elena. How could we not love him or be proud of him?


Elena & Connor – All that blood and gore and Connor telling Elena that she just needs to die already was definitely nightmare material for Elena… and for us (unless you’re still really pissed at her and share his sentiment of course).

Jeremy – Getting stabbed in the jugular by your sister and then having to cut off a hybrid’s head to save her… that’s a mind f*ck if I’ve ever seen one!

Elena & Damon – Well, it appears Damon has “organically” become Elena’s shiny new toy. She can’t seem to take her eyes off of him. She trusts him implicitly. She has a chat with him in her bed… ick. Her doe-eyed stares will most likely continue. The nightmare, my friends, has just begun!

Elena & Stefan – Now, as much as I believe in the dreaminess of this ship quoted above, there are still plenty of nightmares to share. Shall we begin with the string of near obscenities Elena had to say about Stefan? “He’s been lying to me.” Okay, do you not wonder why? “I don’t trust him right now.” Somehow Damon is more trustworthy? “I don’t want your help right now, Stefan.” “I don’t really want to be around you, right now.” This has gotta be hard for Stefan to hear, but wait… it’s only for right now. Could this be a window into the future? Does this nightmare have fragments of a dream embedded in it? If that’s the case, that certainly makes the sadness of their breakup a little easier to swallow, doesn’t it? Damon may be the guy Elena looks to right now, but Stefan just might be her forever.

Chris/Caroline/Tyler/Hayley/Stefan – It’s obvious that Caroline is now out of the pack. Not only did she go behind her boyfriend’s back and get Chris decapitated, she agreed to go out on a date with Klaus. That has to be the last nail in the Forwood coffin, and quite frankly I’m not quite sure what to think of any of the participants in the plot to kill Chris. The fact that I need to say “Shame on you Stefan & Caroline” hurts me and is my own nightmare to bear.

Bonnie & Shane – Is Bonnie gonna become Shane’s witch bitch now? He says she’s the most powerful of supernatural creatures, that he wants to have her in his corner, and I’m sad to say that I don’t think she’ll be a willing but rather a forced participant. When will Bonnie start the smack downs she promised us at the end of S3? She was done taking orders, I thought. If not for Hayley, the estrogen levels on this show would be hitting record lows.

Okay, that’s it for now. Make sure to hit the shoutbox or the forum after tonight’s episode. I’m sure we’ll all need some support!