Dreams & Nightmares: 4×07 My Brother’s Keeper Recap

A quick 4×07 recap as we prepare for a time warp in “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street.”


Dreams were few and far between, but that made them all the more appreciated.

Caroline – Do I really need to say anything? Caroline was amazing. It’s as if she raised her hand and volunteered to be spokeswoman for all of us Stelena shippers, and she was perfect. Her verbal tirades on Delena were like mirrored images of our own. She was “revolted” by Elena’s “clearly diseased brain,” and wasn’t keen on hearing the “gory Damon details” because “Stefan is (her) soulmate,” not “sneaky and manipulative and rude” Damon, and the thought of them together “really makes (her) want to barf!” Our sentiments exactly, Caroline.

Caroline/Stefan – It’s always great to see these two support one another. Stefan stood by her during her transition, and now Caroline is his “sober sponsor” helping him hold onto his sanity as Delena unfolds. If we must endure Delena, at least we get some great Steroline friendship moments out of it!

Stefan/Elena – It was tough going for these two, but that look Elena gave Stefan (and vise versa) when he pulled that stake out of her neck showed us the love is still there. And hey, Stefan didn’t need a sire bond to make Elena love him. That’s a dream all on its own.


Stefan/Elena – So sad to hear Elena tell Stefan that he didn’t “have to love me like this.” She told him to “let her go,” the old Elena. Couldn’t she see that Stefan would love her any way at all? It’s just he couldn’t handle having her love Damon at the same time or settling into the life that even Elena doesn’t want. Capping it off, Elena decides to crash at the Salvatore mansion, and in essence giving Stefan a somewhat subtle nudge that his best bet would be to spend his evening elsewhere. I’m only thankful Stefan didn’t forget something and show back up at an incredibly inopportune time. The idea of him walking in on them makes me cringe!

Damon/Elena – Some of us thought we’d never see the day of DEx while others of us have been prepared for the worst since the first time Elena and Damon made googly eyes at each other. Yes, I actually shuddered as Damon and Elena smashed up the Salvatore furniture while taking turns appearing to engulf the faces of one another. At least the dirty deed is done and out of the way, though I’m dreading any spooning they decide to carry over into tonight’s episode, in which case the nightmare will only continue!

P.S. – When Damon told Elena, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you more alive,” I was the one wanting to barf.

Hayley – I was all “girl power!” in the last recap, and now I’m just bummed that Hayley is working with Professor Shane. At least she wants to steer clear of hurting Tyler, it seems, but what about all the other hybrids? All that excruciating pain to become un-sired only to be used as pawns in Professor Shane’s most likely diabolical plan? I guess nobody said the life of a hybrid was an easy one.

Jeremy/Elena – It’s really sad to see these two on the verge of killing one another. I’m just glad Jenna isn’t around to witness this!

Klaus – A hummingbird? Really? That’s the best you could come up with?

Well, that’s it. Tune in to tonight’s episode if you dare!