Dreams & Nightmares: Rager Recap

As we ready ourselves for The Five, let’s look back at the Rager with our Dreams & Nightmares recap!


Stefan & Elena: There were plenty of dreamlike moments for us, but the key word here is moments. Many of these cloud nine sequences were sadly interrupted by Damon, either in person or via hallucination. What we did get was Stefan being incredibly supportive of Elena and talking her down from going completely postal on Rebekah (thus saving the tens of thousands of vamps around the world she turned… wait, is that really such a good thing)? Stefan suggested ditching school and having some fun. No hands standing on the bitch seat of a bike was Elena’s remedy for counting the ways she wanted to bury Rebekah, followed by a keg stand at Rebekah’s party before she and Stefan blew it off. Finally, a hot and heavy make-out session rounded out our dreamy view of Stelena before Damon drifted into the picture. Well, dreams often do turn into nightmares!

Elena & Rebekah: Who doesn’t enjoy a good bitch fight? It was honestly good to see Elena holding her own, if not trumping, with Rebekah. She still needs a bit more practice with throwing pencil daggers, but our girl is learning!

Hailey & Tyler: A dream for Klaroline shippers.

Stefan & Caroline: Stefan may need a shoulder to lean on, and we’re glad it appears it will be Caroline’s. These two make great friends, and we loved Caroline saying “You saved my vampire life, now you’re saving hers (Elena). You should write a book, go on The View.” Now, that would be a dream! Think a multi-city book tour and a charter bus to take us all to The View!

Rebekah & Matt: Rebekah’s vision of Matt was really just her way of admitting to herself what she has always known, that she had “a thousand years to learn to grow… and somehow you’ve managed to throw it all away.” Amen Matt (I mean Rebekah’s subconscious)!

Meredith & Damon: Could they be a couple? Every now and then, I think they could, though Meredith did say she wasn’t going to be his “partner in vampire crime.” Perhaps bed partner? Just sayin’.

April & Rebekah: It appears a friendship is brewing here. All Rebekah has to do is refrain from eating April, and her dreams of no longer being alone may come true!

Damon: Who didn’t smile just a little when Damon got shot with those arrows?


Damon & Elena: Damon doing a striptease in front of Elena as she searched for the white oak dagger. While some of us may have enjoyed it, we didn’t need for Elena to be subjected to it! Then Elena sees Damon on top of her when it should be Stefan. Oh dear, this really ruined things for potential Stelena sex… but at least we can blame the werewolf venom and not Elena’s desire to be with Damon… right? Last but not least, we have Damon telling Elena that he’s “going to teach you” to be a vampire. Good lord, that is a nightmare!

Matt: When will this pretty great guy stop being used as a punching bag? First Connor throws him up against the wall at school, nearly choking the poor dude to death, and then Elena goes crazy on his wrist! Perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea for him to present his arm with Elena talking about all her violent images and deep, intense hunger. Lesson learned?

Hailey & Tyler: While a dream for Klaroline, a certain nightmare for Forwood shippers. At least we know Klaus was happy when Tyler blew Caroline off.

Stefan: Compelling that guy at the party for a used cup of beer that he then presents to Elena. If you’ve ever been to a kegger, the last thing you want to do is drink from some stranger’s cup. Either way, Elena was getting dosed with werewolf venom, but there’s no telling what else could be in there!? The noble thing to do would have been to wait in the keg line for your lady, Stefan. Tsk, tsk.

Tyler: Watching Connor stick that huge syringe into Tyler’s gums. I still get the shivers just thinking about it!

Meredith & Damon: “You are a good brother.” – Meredith. In what alternate universe? While he’s not always a horrible brother, I’m not sure he’d be classified as a good one.

Klaus & Elena: “You may be of use to me after all.” – Klaus. This can’t be good.

Now you’ve been recapped and can tune into The Five…. let’s hope this one isn’t full of nightmares!