Dreams & Nightmares Recap: “Into the Wild”

tvd04133025It’s been a rough road for Stefan and Elena and possibly even a rougher one for us Stelena shippers. We’ve had to endure Delena and, sire bond or not, it’s been a tough pill to swallow. Then there’s the whole Stebekah dynamic, which is hard for some but tolerable and possibly even slightly celebrated for/by others. Wherever you come down on that pairing, it’s obvious that even Rebekah knows there isn’t a real future for her and Stefan. Sure, “it’s always going to be Stefan” has hit some turbulence lately, but Rebekah can probably only think “it’s always going to be Elena” when she sees Stefan and Elena in close proximity.

Here is our Stelena-centric Dreams & Nightmares Recap…

NIGHTMARES – ELENA/STEFAN/REBEKAH – As the gang pulls their rafts onto thetvd04130593 island, the pairings just seem all wrong. Could we have ever imagined that Damon and Elena would be riding together and that Elena would practically ignore Stefan as she made her way onto the beach? While we may have issues with the pairings, Bex seems quite comfortable with the whole thing. She stands superior as Elena walks by, casting her evil eye at her while Stefan judiciously tries tying knots. Bex pokes and prods at Elena, blaming her for killing Kol and trying to get Stefan to dagger her. Elena reminds Bex she can hear her, to which Bex replies she doesn’t care. This is just enough to set off Elena and force the White Oak tvd04130359Stake in line with Bex’s heart. Elena pauses just long enough for Bex to push her down like a school yard bully would. It’s doubtful Elena would have gone through with staking Rebekah, but it’s obvious that Stefan being with Rebekah is a sore subject for Elena. The truest nightmare in all of this is that Elena declined Stefan’s hand as he tried to help her up.

tvd04131945DREAMS – STEFAN: I think the most dreamtastic moment for any one particular character this particular episode was when Stefan told Rebekah that “if I take the cure, it wouldn’t be for her (Elena), it would be for me.” While some may see this as a breakdown in Stefan and Elena’s epic love, I see it as one of its strongest components. Becoming human has long been something Stefan has yearned for. The person that he wants to be is incompatible with the plague of being a vampire. To be truly happy, Stefan needs to be human, and if he’s truly happy, if he is the best person he can be, then he has so much more to give to Elena. To choose to become something so uniformly different from what you are in order to be with someone sets you up for the worst kind of failure if, for whatever reason, that love doesn’t last. This is the very reason Delena just doesn’t work.

DAMON/ELENA: While most Damon and Elena scenes are pure horror-fests, there weretvd04132538 a few on this one that inspired hope that pretty much everyone, even Damon deep down, knows that Stefan is the only one for Elena. Things get off on the wrong foot for this pair when Elena asks Damon if he would take the cure. He tells her he doesn’t want to speculate, but by the end of the episode we know that not only will Damon not take the cure willingly but that he doesn’t want Elena to have it either. He goes on about how he doesn’t give a rats ass about Bonnie and anyone else for that matter. It’s really all about Elena, but things just won’t work if Elena is human. She’ll grow old and die while Damon will remain his young, hot, hard partying self. He walks off saying something about how miserable being human is, leaving Elena by herself to ponder just how completely f–ked this relationship is. Now, this last bit isn’t anything new, but it’s always a good reminder that Damon told Stefan he’d have taken Elena either way… human or vampire. So much for that, right?

tvd04132999By the end of the episode, Rebekah and Elena have mended fences… sort of. Bex saves Elena from a booby trap, and then Stefan does the same for Bex. Then Bex totally freaks out when she finds the tombstone is missing. She thinks she’s being played yet again (paranoid much?) before Elena and Stefan tag team to calm her down. Elena hands over the White Oak Stake to Bex, and the three join forces in their search for the cure. They’ll need all the luck in the world to find it.

Try to enjoy tonight’s episode everyone!