Dreams & Nightmares Review Catch-Up! 4×09 – O Come, All Ye Faithful

So, it’s been a while since we’ve done our Dreams and Nightmares recap. Some of that is due to laziness, but mostly it’s due to the fact that the last few episodes have been so full of nightmares that we couldn’t quite bring ourselves to do a proper review without seething. So, now that we’ve calmed down a bit… lets start with a return to episode nine and all the things we wanted for Christmas and didn’t get! 

4×09 – O Come, All Ye Faithful


Snow in Mystic Falls! Even though the snow is fake and we didn’t get to see Stefan and Elena exchanging presents (and kisses) against the backdrop of a beautiful Christmas tree, this is the closest we’ve ever gotten to a Christmas episode, and so for now it will have to do!


Stefan – Awww, Stefan is always a dream, no matter what he’s doing (well, maybe not when he’s tearing heads off). He had a bit of attitude to start the episode off, telling Klaus that while he needs the cure more than ever, “here you (Klaus) are making post-modern snowflakes.” It is nice to see that Klaus has graduated from painting pictures of horses and maidens to something a bit more abstract and that it’s all for a good cause, but Stefan isn’t there to “bond,” he’s got things to do, places to go, people to see.


Caroline – While she’ll eventually serve up some troubling news to Stefan,how can we not love Caroline’s enduring spunk as she makes her way through the episode. She delivers lines like “Freak out!? Freak out!? I’m about to hemorrhage!” and asks Klaus if he’s here (at the benefit) to “steal Tiny Tim’s crutches.” She tries to be a good friend to Stefan, which means being a slightly bad girlfriend to Tyler, but she seems to make up for this with a great plan to send Klaus into Rebekah’s body (hmmmm) until Hayley breaks her neck. Of course Caroline takes this in stride, jumping up like nothing has happened and attempting to compel April… she obviously didn’t get the memo about April wearing that disgusting bracelet she picked up off the ground. No matter… it’s the effort that counts, and we’re glad she makes one in being a shoulder for Stefan to cry on.

409VampireDiaries0228Jeremy – Damn, he’s yoked! It’s like the guy you knew in high school who was kind of scrawny, and then he packs on about 30 pounds of muscle, and you see him in a whole new light. No wonder Bonnie can’t help but have a thing for Elena’s little brother.

Tyler/Carol – Especially knowing that Carol’s time was short for this world, it was sweet to see these two so supportive of one another. To Tyler’s plan, Carol tells him that he’s “a leader of people, just like he was,” in reference to Tyler’s father. Of course, we know that his dad wasn’t perfect, but it still comes off as a compliment, and Tyler will certainly look back at this short chat on the bench with his mother as a good memory.

Tyler – As much as we all love Stefan, I have to admire Tyler’s guts in facing Stefan down and telling him that “I don’t owe you anything.” He showed himself as the leader of the pack and not another vampire’s bitch. Didn’t work out in the end of course, but he gets high marks for trying!


409VampireDiaries1374Elena/Damon – We have to get the worst out of the way first. We start the episode with Elena waking up next to Damon… thankfully they are clothed, but we soon understand that both would have preferred to be naked. Elena knows she is sired of course, but the feelings just seem so real, and she’s just “not ready to let go of that.” Damon says he’ll revoke the sire bond, and Elena challenges him to “do it,” and when he threatens to throw her back in bed, again she says “so do it.” Thank the heavens above that they decide against this, and we don’t have to watch Elena’s nails dig into Damon’s back all over again. I’m already in therapy, so I seriously don’t need to see more of that!

We then move on to Damon and Elena at the lake-house. Is nothing sacred? Elena tells Damon “that’s just barely a memory” when she speaks of how in love she was with Stefan when they were last at the lake-house and wonders if that’s the sire bond or is it “just that I’m so happy to be here with you? (Damon)” Considering Elena delivers pretty much all of her dialogue with literally no emotion, we can definitely assume the former!


Lastly, we see Damon sitting out on the deck railing like some kind of gargoyle ready to leap into the night. He’s alone of course, so Elena has to bring out a dried sprig of mistletoe. She puts it over Damon’s head and is hoping for a kiss, but even Damon realizes how faked her feelings are for him and tells her she’s gotta go, that it “will make me happy” for her to go home with Bonnie. Elena is pissed, but she goes along with it. If only she’d been sent for electroconvulsive therapy instead of back to her house!

Jeremy/Elena – Before Jeremy takes his “detour,” he says that Elena isn’t even his real sister and that “she’s the reason that everyone I love had died.” Ouch! Hurtful much?

409VampireDiaries1443Klaus/Carol – I have to say that, for me, this was one of the absolute worst scenes I’d ever witnessed on TVD… that is when Klaus, drenched in the blood from the 12 hybrids he’d just torn apart, stuck
Carol’s head in the fountain and drowned the life out of her. I know there is a lot of love for Klaus out there, but for me this was sort of the last straw. That kind of brutality just isn’t cool, especially considering you took out Tyler’s last remaining family member. Shame on you Klaus, and safe travels to the “other side” Carol. Be sure to say hello to Lexi, Grams & Jenna for us!

Klaus/Stefan – While some of their interactions were fun, Klaus’ attempt at explaining why he does what he does fell a bit flat. Stefan does feel a little sorry for him, telling Caroline that “we’ve all done horrible things,” and the difference is that we (he, Caroline, etc.) have “family we can trust.” This utterance of course comes before Stefan finds out that Damon and Elena slept together…. eeeek, but still, there’s a reason Klaus’ family can’t trust him, and that’s mainly because the whole lot of them say they love each other but actively and routinely try to kill one another. Klaus tries to bond with Stefan over the fact that he saves letters of his victims while Stefan writes their name on a wall… both slightly psychotic measures of course… and these rituals are meant to remind them that “in the end, we are left infinitely and utterly alone.” Klaus knows how to throw one hell of a pity party!

Tyler – How can we not feel bad for Tyler? He’s had to question the loyalty of Caroline when all he wanted was her “at his side,” is stabbed in the back by Hayley, and his leadership of the pack has led to the death of all of the hybrids. Add to that the death of his mother, and this becomes one bad night for Tyler.

409VampireDiaries0675Shane/Silas – Does anyone else actually even understand what’s going on with this? I’ve tried to understand, but quite frankly I’m just tired of Shane hypnotizing everyone and being generally creepy. At least he helped Jeremy take a “detour” around wanting to kill Elena, but working with Hayley to foil Tyler’s plans sort of zeros that out.

Stefan – It’s honorable that Caroline couldn’t lie to him any longer, but it really sucked for him finding out that Damon and Elena slept together. We know that had to be one hell of a nightmare he would have given almost anything to wake up from.

So, there’s another Dreams and Nightmare review. Like always, we hope for a few more dreams than nightmares in tonight’s new episode!