Dreams & Nightmares: The Five Recap

So sorry for the lateness of this recap… how time flies! So, without wasting another moment, let’s get started:


Stefan & Elena: First, I wanna know where to sign up for Hunter Defense Class… with Stefan Salvatore instructing of course! At first, I was a little confused as to why Stefan would be shooting Elena with an arrow (unless it was the kind Cupid shoots), but then it made perfect sense. While Stefan can’t teach Elena how to feed as a vampire, he can teach her how to stay safe from those whose mission it is in life to hunt vampires. Of course it’s a little concerning that Jeremy appears to be in line for that very profession, but we won’t think about that too much now. Instead, we’ll be thankful for that sweet embrace at the end of their study session. Perhaps this was Elena’s reward for doing so well in class?

While Elena and Stefan spent a lot of their time apart during the episode, they were both at the forefront of each others’ minds. For Elena, it was wanting to be “here with Stefan,” as she came down a bit from her blood binging high with Damon. Sure, it hurt Damon’s feelings a little, but isn’t that what he signed up for? No matter what he teaches Elena to do, she is always going to wish it were Stefan that could be doing it.

While Elena fed, Stefan was back home in Mystic Falls having a rather uncomfortable dinner date with Klaus and Rebekah. Inappropriate dinner discussions were quickly forgotten as the idea of a cure for vampirism was brought to Stefan’s attention. Just the thought of it roused whatever hopes he might have had to become human again. More important for Stefan though was the idea of a cure for Elena. He didn’t want for her to experience killing someone and the regret that would certainly follow that. He was willing to trust Klaus… or double-cross him… or outsmart him... or anything really for just the chance that Elena could have her humanity back. Now that’s love.

We end things with Stefan and Elena on the porch (after getting rid of Damon). Elena confesses that she’s “feeling things I don’t want to feel” and “becoming someone I don’t want to be.” Stefan pulls her close and assures her that “you just have to hold on,” giving her the strength to go on that he always does. Of course we can assume that Stefan is doing a bit of dreaming in his head, wanting her to hold on until he can find the cure, until he can return her to the human race. The idea of eternity together is a good one, but them being able to marry, to have children, grow old and die together is an even better one, and we know Stefan will do whatever it takes if there’s even a chance for it to happen.

Brotherhood of the Five Flashbacks: On a completely superficial note, it was kind of nice to see five shirtless guys standing around a fire, wasn’t it? Seeing tattoos magically appear on their chests wasn’t such a bad thing either. It’s always good to see Elijah of course, and then there’s the long hair that accompanies he and Klaus to their early days… looking good! We got to see Rebekah happy and in love, even if it was short lived and ended rather violently (with tongues cut out and Rebekah’s hottie impaled into the wall).

Rebekah, Stefan & Klaus: After a bit of squabbling between Klaus and Rebekah about who broke whose neck and who destroyed whose doppelganger blood, Stefan can’t help but to imagine there are a “million other people I’d rather be having dinner with right now.” Oh, we feel for you Stefan and love your humorous honesty. We hate watching you suffer through the bickering, but what would make this dinner party truly wonderful is if someone would pick up a fork and eat! That spread just looked so damn good!


Elena & Damon: The mere fact that Damon has to be the one to teach Elena to feed properly is a nightmare all on its own. They chose a very appropriate victim and I half wish she would have just killed the guy, but Damon was able to stop her strange little feeding frenzy before she went too far. Elena was a bit like a rat going at that guy’s neck, and I really hope she’ll perfect a better feeding technique sooner rather than later. Elena hugs Damon and says “I want more,” and we know that Damon has to be absolutely reveling in his tutelage of her. Their dance isn’t all bad. To be honest, I sort of liked it for the mere fact that it made sense that vampire Elena might let loose with Damon. Still, it was on the verge of going too far, and we can be thankful that Bonnie, like a dream, entered the scene and brought Elena back to reality. Damon threw a mini-tantrum, making it known that he wants Elena to be the kind of vampire he’d like her to be, as if it really is just that easy to turn the switch once things get to be too much and reveling in it all the more. Knowing Elena as we do, we can’t imagine that’s what she would ever want, but we can’t help but be afraid that’s where she might end up.

Bonnie & Professor Shane: I can see the writing on the wall. Bonnie is slightly attracted to the professor. He uses this to his advantage. He gets Bonnie to use witchcraft against vampires, i.e. her friends in Mystic Falls. She starts bleeding from her nose as she chants in Latin. Someone, anyone, kills Professor Shane. Bonnie is heartbroken. She sleeps on her couch for a week, watching reruns of 90210. She misses prom. Nobody pays much attention to her until they need something. Am I right? I hope not!

The Vervain Shortage: Oh dear. All the vervain went up in flames with the council. How can that be? Vervain used to be such an important daily regimen for residents of Mystical Falls that we truly care about. Are we meant to believe that Matt and Jeremy are to go without and be at the complete mercy of any vampire with the ability to compel them? Even poor Jeremy was compelled by Stefan to forget his business with Connor and copying the tattoo for Klaus. We used to get so upset when Elena would ask Damon or Stefan to make Jeremy forget, and now it’s just conveniently swept under the rug. Honestly, I don’t even know how Matt can function. He’s got vampires all around him, and until Rebekah was staked, she could have compelled Matt to do anything, and you can only imagine the sorts of things that were on her mind!

Rebekah, Stefan & Klaus: Now, I know Rebekah is a giant bitch. I realize she’s the reason Elena is now a vampire, and yet I can’t help but to feel just a little sorry for her. She wants so badly just to love and be loved by someone, even trying to buy Matt’s affection with a new truck, and yet she always strikes out in the end. Klaus and Stefan play on her weakness to get the info they needed, and with welled up eyes Stefan apologizes to Rebekah before Klaus puts her down again. This girl really isn’t a stranger to getting daggers stuck in her, is she? How she doesn’t suffer from PTSD at the mere sight of one, I have no idea. I’ll rest easy enough knowing that Stefan went along with Klaus for all the right reasons, but I’ll have to wonder if Rebekah will ever be able to get through a season without being put down for a long nap.

Okay, that’s it… enjoy 4.05, The Killer!

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  1. Great Recap as usual! I think even scarier than Matt or Jeremy being compelled..is Elena/Stefan being compelled by Klaus. Especially with Klaus’s threat that he would compel Elena to forget.

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