EW’s scoop on Elena’s new look

From EW.com: ‘Vampire Diaries’: Find out what’s next in the Spoiler Room

Elena + pink streaks? It’s true! But this new ‘do is only part of the Elena makeover fans will be seeing from the sans-humanity Elena, reveals executive producer Julie Plec.

“I said to the wardrobe people and Nina [Dobrev], ‘We’re burning everything. So if there are one or two things that you’re damn sure you want to keep, she better be wearing them when she walks out the door.’ I think Nina chose a jacket and a pair of boots and we called it a day,” she says.
The fun of this mini-reinvention, says Plec, is that they’ve been wanting to sort of evolve Elena’s look in recent years, and now they have their chance. “She had a very, very, very specific and safe style for the first three seasons, and this year, we evolved it a little bit when she became a vampire and had a little more freedom in her choices. But now we literally packed up all her clothes and put them into storage and bought her a new wardrobe.”
So how’s it going to look? “It’s just a little hipper, a little more contemporary — more skirts and belts and accessories, and she gets a great new haircut in two episodes and has a little fun with hair color. It’s been really fun to give her a new attitude,” Plec adds.