3 thoughts on “Extended promo for 4×07 “My Brother’s Keeper”

  1. all i can say is congrats to Damon he got what he wanted.
    to make his brother miserable and got his girl he promised this to stefan… so well done damon as always you got what you want no matter who he hurts in the process.
    elena is not even a bit heartbroken… tvd hasta la vista

    1. So true. I knew that they were gonna break up, but i was disappointed that Elena didn’t show any emotion when they were breaking up. 🙁

    2. Whoah, bitter. Damon didn’t do anything here, he even selflessly told the truth to Elena about Stefan helping Klaus because he wants the cure for her. The one at fault is Miss crying-annoying-doesn’t know what she wants – Elena.
      Poor Stefan, I’m starting to wonder If he’s not better off with someone else who can truly appreciate and love him, like Caroline :/…

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