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  1. Lexi to you think that Stefan is going to figure it out that it is Katherine in Elena body and not Elena . and what will you do about it

  2. Hi Lexi

    Is something going to happen to Stefan like Stefan getting hurt and Elena the one that must help him and save his life will this perhaps help Elena to remember that she loved him . When will Elena and Stefan be together again will they ever be together again or will they always just be friends or will Damon not stand in his brothers way and let Stefan be happy again
    i missed Selena so much
    thanks ima

    1. Lexi will Damon an Elena bring Stefan back from the other side know that he was murdered . How do you think Elena and Damon is going to react to the news that Stefan was murdered . And i think they will do anything to get him back and to make him a life again .

  3. Hi Lexi what do you think about the other doppelganger i think it is another Silas version a Stefan will Stefan get the cure for the ripper virus that Elena and Damon have in them and will Elena try to kill Stefan know that she wants vampire blood . Will Stefan saves Elena life again. and what is the travelers story with the doppelganger but especially with Stefan. and is Stefan going to get seriously hurt in season 5 and Elena is going to be the only one that can save him and then she will realize that she loves him . or is season 5 going to end with something like this with Stefan getting hurt and Elena finding him and then we must white for season 6

  4. this is a VERY serious question! i have been stelena since the very first episode!! #stelenaforever but do you think stelena will be the one in the end? also, who did elena choose in the book?

    1. Remember what Julie said the Series Tvd is not the same as the books They just used the book as a story line and then write tehir one storeis for the tvd series
      and i totally agree with what julie says

  5. i am totally a Stelena fan 110 percent Stelenathey just have the cm
    chemistry they love each other unconditionally Stefan will give his life and put his life in danger to saver her in a eye blink they have a real relationship they talk they have fun they go out they fight they make up but they are so cute together they belong together I think Damon must find himself a bad ass girlfriend like he is . I like the salvatore brothers they feed each others soul but most of al they caint hate each other because they love each other so much .

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