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Ask Lexi is an exclusive column that channels Alexia “Lexi” Branson from the other side to answer our most pressing questions regarding Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert. Will Stefan ever be able to forgive himself for letting Elena turn? Will Elena find peace with becoming a vampire? Will Stefan & Elena be endgame? Just Ask Lexi. She’s got 350 years of “living” (and a good year in the spirit world) under her belt, so she can offer a new perspective on all these things and more!

April 26, 2014

Dear Lexi,

Based on your “other side” experiences, what do you think of Katherine being sucked into Hell? Do you know anything about this place or why Katherine’s deeds were bad (or good) enough to send her there while bigger baddies of the male persuasion get a pass to the Other Side?


A Kat supporter

Dear Kat supporter:
As you may or may not know, I was not a huge fan of Katherine. After all she manipulated Stefan, toyed with his emotions and ultimately robbed him of a normal life which was sure to include a wife with children and a thriving career.

Still, it’s never a pleasant sight to see someone dragged to hell nor is it pleasurable considering the kind of torture she must be enduring. I hear it’s a horrible place where daily tortures are the law of the land, so much so that one begs for true death. Since I know of no one who has survived hell, I can neither deny nor confirm these allegations though. Things here aren’t bad at all for us walking dead, though there is a quiet storm brewing. For now though the best part is, I’m able to keep an eye on friends who are in the ‘living’ dimension.

Your question is a good one Kat supporter. I am not sure what criteria is used to decide who goes straight to hell or who gets a by. Certainly being a killer myself I can appreciate the hypocrisy or questionable call, though on a personal note I am grateful to whoever made the present decision on my account.

I’m not sure it’s a gender issue either, I mean I am no saint, and like many female vampires, werewolves and witches, we were/are as manipulative and deadly as our male counterparts; though I have no statistics to substantiate that claim. Reminder to self…must take poll.

I’m grasping at straws here but I can think of three possibilities that may have tipped the scale in Katherine’s case.
First is the fact that even as ‘new’ Elena did the unforeseen and decent thing to forgive Kat for all she had done to her, Kat, without a moment’s hesitation insinuated herself in Elena’s body with the expressed and per-meditated idea to rob her of her life. Further, after finding out that her life was to be extinguished as Kelena, did willfully and with prejudice planned to kill and persecute Elena in a most unpleasant way.
If this was the reason, it’s a peculiar kind of ‘rule’ to be sure and it doesn’t seem logical nor does it appear to be fair; yet with such things there is never a promise of fairness and as with certain practice in life, there has to be a line in the sand and someone (unfortunately) has to be the scapegoat; all within the tenet of a societal black hole I suppose.

Second, it’s a possibility that the thought process could be similar to that of a maximum security prison inmate mentality where the ‘hierarchy’ prisoner rule is in effect; and even as the horrific types of criminal element are housed together, the pedophile is seen as the worst of the worst kind of criminal and as such is almost always targeted for ‘hits’. It’s one thing to be a wicked, heartless, killer because you are a predator and animal, [after all it’s only ‘following your nature’], but it’s taboo to tyrannically ‘steal’ a life.

Finally, I believe that it’s simply because her human heart at the end, wasn’t where it should have been.

There’s a lesson in there somewhere.


Dear Lexi,

This is a VERY serious question! I have been Stelena since the very first episode!! #stelenaforever Do you think stelena will be the one in the end? Also, who did elena choose in the book?


Hey Nazlemlikestelena

Sorry my response took a little time but the chaotic atmosphere here on TOS has stepped up a notch, we’re all concerned.

Naz I met Elena in person as the girlfriend of my best friend at the Salvatore boarding house. I didn’t read about her in a book, so unfortunately I cannot answer the second part of your question.

Your primary question however, is as simple as it is easy to acknowledge. Yes, Stelena will be with each other as a couple in love until…


If only Lexi could charge by the question…

Hi Lexi,

What do you think about the other doppelganger? I think it is another Silas version of Stefan. Will Stefan get the cure for the ripper virus that Elena and Damon have in them, and will Elena try to kill Stefan now that she wants vampire blood? Will Stefan saves Elena life again? What is the travelers story with the doppelganger but especially with Stefan? Is Stefan going to get seriously hurt in season 5, and Elena is going to be the only one that can save him and then she will realize that she loves him? Or is season 5 going to end with something like this with Stefan getting hurt and Elena finding him and then we must wait for season 6.


Dear Ima,

By now you know who the other doppelganger was. He, like Stefan, was part of the mythology of which Silas was the original. You are also now aware who the Travelers are and that Elena and Damon are cured.

Stefan will always try his best to save Elena—as he would anyone that he loves. Most of the other pieces of your statement require a great deal of speculation and unfortunately I am limited in my ability to predict actual bumps and bruises that Stefan and Elena will endure as they live their “un-life”. What I can say with some degree of certainty is that my friend Stefan loves Elena unconditionally and I believe that Elena loves him right back. So Ima, because of that knowledge and my belief in the power of their love, regardless of the time frame—be it one month or one year-my opinion is that they will be with each the in the end.


Thank you Lexi! We’ll be thinking of you as The Other Side collapses… eeeeeeek!

March 27, 2014

Q: Hi Lexi

Is something going to happen to Stefan, like Stefan getting hurt and Elena the one that must help him and save his life? Will this perhaps help Elena to remember that she loved him? When will Elena and Stefan be together again? — Will they ever be together again or will they always just be friends or will Damon not stand in his brothers way and let Stefan be happy again? I miss Stelena so much.


A: Dear Ima:

Will Stefan get hurt? Odds are at some point in time, Stefan will undoubtedly get hurt. Whether or not Elena will be there is hard to say since I simply cannot predict the future. Suffice it to say if there was such a scenario, [where Stefan was hurt or in danger], Elena would move heaven and earth to save him. It is important to remember Ima, that Elena still loves Stefan, and she will always remember the love they shared and she will revel in the love they will share again.

I believe that Stefan and Elena will always be friends because I think it’s a necessary component in a loving relationship. I also believe that in time Stefan and Elena will commit [romantically] to each other again because “though lovers be lost, love shall not”.

Will Damon stand in their way? It won’t matter whether he tries to or not. When Stefan and Elena are together this time, their union will not be threatened by Damon’s feelings, interference or influence nor will it be defiled by Elena’s need to ‘find herself’ or ‘save a soul’ or ‘grow up’; instead their relationship will be about a stronger, healthier and eternal union.


February 20, 2014

Q: Lexi, do you think that Stefan is going to figure it out that it is Katherine in Elena body and not Elena? And what will you do about it?


A: Dear Ima:

Stefan has always had a sixth sense when it’s come to ‘sniffing’ out the differences between Katherine and Elena and I believe that this time will be no different.

I suspect that it’s the little idiosyncratic differences from Katherine and the manner and timing of what she’ll say that will heighten his suspicion. I also believe that there is a symbiotic connection with Elena that is unmatched with Katherine and that will be a factor in the undoing of the farce Katherine is now engaged in. There has been a seed of doubt planted already. When ‘Elena’ approached him at the party he seemed hesitant before his welcome.
In the meantime part of what will deter Stefan from ‘admitting’ or paying close attention to those nagging feelings that something isn’t right, will be the (misguided) idea that Katherine is dead.

What will I do about the situation?

My goal has always been to illuminate a path for my best friend to follow where he can capture and claim the happiness he deserves; and I’m driven more so now than ever before to make sure he gets that chance for happiness and permanent peace of mind. It was heartbreaking seeing him robbed, especially when that emotional insult was due to betrayal and deception.

My plan of action is in progress. I have been doing all I can from this end to correct the situation. Because I’m not a witch [unfortunately] my ability to take direct action is not possible; but I’m calling in every favor and looking to communicate and conspire with every witch and /or warlock here on TOS. It’s been an uphill battle so far. There has been a feeling of uncertainty since Q changed the anchor. It is unclear if more changes are coming here, and as such there’s an unstable almost chaotic climate among all who dwell here, which in large part can be attributed to some polarizing because of the Silas and Q situation.

The problem that exists now is my continued inability to find a way to communicate with Bonnie. My focus will be making sure that Bonnie does inventory and carefully recount all of the souls that has crossed over TOS since her tenure. Due to politics it’s been hard getting there, but I’m getting closer.


January 25, 2014

Q: From: stelenalove (guest)
Will Elena get back with Stefan in the 5th season?

A: Hello Stelenalove:

It’s very hard to predict these things with 100 percent degree of certainty, I mean knowing the precise moment in time that lovers ‘recover’ from a lapse in judgement is tricky. Unfortunately the human psyche is very fragile, and when there are severely fragmented emotional moments [that present themselves from time to time and test limitations] there has to be healing to be whole again.

Elena’s psyche is splintered right now and the part of her psyche that is able to deal with the kind of ‘pain’ that comes from wave after wave of major loss, is shut down. Remember Elena not only lost family members (for which she had a brief to no mourning period) she actually lost Stefan (people tend to forget that)–she never ‘unloved’ him. He knew her best and he was and continues to be (albeit unconsciously) everything to her; but most crucially she lost herself. How long before she recovers is anyone’s guess; but I have seen certain chinks in her protective armor that points toward a reawakening.

I think her ‘recovery’ is going to be as careful and diligent coming back as quick and impulsive as her descent was to coarseness. Elena is ‘carrying’ Damon’s dream, not her own and she needs to wake up. So no, I don’t believe she will get back with Stefan in the fifth season–but it will happen.