October 30, 2010

The Stelena Kisstacular is finally here! Thank you so much to those who participated, either by submitting an awesome kiss description or for voting in the Top 7 Stelena Kiss Wish List! If there is one thing we love to see Stefan and Elena do, it’s kiss, so without further delay, let the Kisstacular begin!

Messy Kisses: by Thea (artwork by Thea)

Scene: Stefan and Elena in the kitchen cooking for their date.
Menu: Italian.

While cooking, Stefan and Elena are bantering on her lack of cooking skills. Getting annoyed with all the teasing, Elena took a handful of the tomato sauce from the bowl and clamped her hand on Stefan’s mouth to shut him up. Retaliating, he dipped his hand from the bowl and smeared the red sauce all over cheeks. Food fight ensued. After a few minutes and few threats from Elena regarding Sex embargo, Stefan admitted defeat. And to make amends, Stefan volunteered to clean Elena’s face, with his mouth.

Wake Up Kiss: by Stella (artwork by Stella)

Stefan wakes up in the morning and tenderly looks at Elena who’s lying next to him. He can’t help stroking her soft hair, and after hesitating for a second – these moments of quiet happiness are so precious – he lightly kisses her cheek. As she opens her eyes, smiling at him while still half-asleep, he kisses her lips and she snuggles up to him in a tight embrace.

The Dream Kiss: by Jaye (artwork by Steph)

As the title implies, this kiss actually is one that happens in a dream. A dream that somehow happens bilaterally. The dream kiss is about Stefan learning that he’s about to become a dad.

They were laying on their bed and was in the midst of a necessary discussion about Stefan’s immortality and Elena’s non-option for motherhood and how both would impact their relationship. They loved each other no doubt, and the quality of their relationship was top shelf, but they had to face facts at some point. It had been a conversation that was over due, but was placed on the back burner more than likely due to the perception that it would be difficult to face an unwanted probability, and the acceptance of that prospect was scary. It was a somewhat conscious decision to tackle the inevitable talk in stages. First they’d discuss how each felt about the reality of the situation, then decide if that reality was a deal breaker or, if living in the moment and for the moment and enjoy and appreciate life and each other as long as they could was worthwhile. By the beginning of this second ‘phase’ of the discussion they felt drained, and they decided to postpone that discussion when clearer heads prevailed. They fell asleep holding hands.

They had been married for only 6 mths and had not planned on having a family…at least not just yet. Elena had just started her career and she was still young. So when nausea, queasy symptoms presented, pregnancy was not considered as one of the options. But with lingering symptoms Stefan encouraged her to get a check up. He was in their room at the computer when she came home..dazed. He carelessly acknowledged her presence, then turned around to look at her when his inquiry about her visit and how she felt remained unanswered. The look on her face worried him. He pulled her to him and she sat on his lap. Stefan became more worried when he saw the tears brimming in her eyes. Then she told him the news…they were pregnant. With eyes wide with surprise, heart full of joy, head assimilating the info and arms tightening and then quickly relaxing around her -his fear of hurting the baby- he kissed her. Little light kisses all over her face and then a deeper, warmer, longer, sweeter, god-bless-whoever-sent-you kiss. When they pulled apart, their hands were entwined and holding her belly, they looked in each others teary eyes and kissed again.

Awake..they were still holding hands and smiling. Talk would come another day.

Stolen Kisses:
by Steph (artwork by Steph)

Elena had spent the night alone again, and, as she woke up to pelts of rain against her window, she shivered and missed Stefan. She thought she had been doing the right thing in taking a break from him. Wherever they went and whatever they did, they had been constantly followed by danger, lurking in every shadow. It was a risk she had taken on because she loved Stefan so much, but she couldn’t be selfish enough to allow those around her to be hurt.

Elena pushed the covers back and dragged herself out of bed. Her shoulder was still sore from the kidnapping but at least she was alive. Stefan had saved her from that house of bloodsuckers, and she’d been too embarrassed to properly thank him. The night he brought her home and dropped her off safely, expecting nothing in return, she realized that the world around her was dangerous with or without Stefan. The difference was that, with him, they would be united, and somehow their love made her feel more powerful.

“It’s about time you got up,” Jenna said, peeking through the door.

“What time is it?” Elena asked, having not even bothered to set her alarm.

“I think we just hit the noon mark,” Jenna said as she checked the watch on her wrist. “I just wanted to let you know I’m going to go help set up at the Salvatore’s. You going to be okay here by yourself?”

“That’s tonight?” Elena asked, having almost forgotten about the Salvatore open house. It had been Caroline’s idea at first to throw the party and invite all of Mystic Falls to the boarding house. She had joked that Damon and Stefan needed to do a little outreach and to cement their standing in the community since Zach had made his extended vacation permanent. Damon was always up for a party, but Stefan, according to Caroline, had needed a bit more convincing. Elena understood why Stefan would be reluctant. His birthday was just around the corner, and she knew this would be a hard time of year for him, having lost Lexi and never fully forgiving Damon for what he had done.

“Elena?” Jenna asked.

Elena had fallen into a bit of a fog, thinking about the party but mostly about Stefan.

“I think I should go,” Elena blurted out, feeling a bit of life creep back into her.

“I think you should too,” Jenna said, having always been nudging Elena to at least keep her options open with Stefan. “Need help picking out a dress?”

Elena nodded. Jenna threw open the closet, and, for the first time in a long time, Elena was looking forward to the day ahead.

Jenna had gone to set up, but Elena wanted to wait. She was a bit nervous about just butting right back into Stefan’s life. She had been the one to break up with him and push him away, and, even though her reasons had been valid, what if he’d moved on already? There were a few girls at school who had asked Elena if she and Stefan were really over and whether or not it would be okay if they made a play for him. Elena had forced out “yes” and “sure,” but inside she was dying at the thought of Stefan sharing a romantic moment, let alone his bed, with someone else.

Jeremy had offered to drive Elena over, but this was something she had to do on her own. As night fell, she wrapped a light cotton sweater over her short, baby blue dress. Her heels hit against the wet pavement, keeping pace with her beating heart.

Cars spilled out from the boarding house drive and into the street. Elena had parked a good deal away, feeling like the air that had been freshened by the rainstorm would help her to get her game face on. As she got closer to the boarding house, the sound of music poured out from the walls. There were people outside talking, some from high school, others from the council and still others the people in town she’d remembered seeing her entire life, but they might as well have been perfect strangers if they weren’t Stefan.

Excited but equally nervous, Elena moved through the front doors and caught site of Caroline who always appeared happiest in host mode.

“Elena!” Caroline called out, running towards her while Tyler and Matt went on talking. “You made it.”

Elena nodded and gave Caroline a hug. She’d been so proud of the way Caroline had handled becoming a vampire, and she knew Stefan was to thank for much of that.

“He’s in the back,” Caroline said, as if she knew Stefan was the only reason Elena came. “I shouldn’t’ be saying this, but I think he’s sulking. He puts on a good act most of the time, but he misses you. He’s going to be so glad you came.”
A burst of warmth filled Elena’s heart. Caroline’s words were just what she needed to be brave enough to find Stefan.

She left Caroline and made her way through the crowd. She had waved at Jenna and Alaric and wasn’t surprised to see Jeremy with Bonnie, though Damon appeared to lurk nearby. Elena couldn’t be sure how that new forming love triangle was going to turn out. Whatever was going to be would be.

She made her way to the study, the place she had first broken Stefan’s heart and her own. Elena remembered Stefan’s tears and the emptiness she had felt in her gut that night. She had tried so hard to tune out after that, to push her feelings aside and just be numb for a while. She had hoped it would have worked, but it didn’t. Things just weren’t right without Stefan. It was as if a part of her had died.

There were a few people near the fireplace, and Stefan was one of them, but he didn’t see her. He was turned away, talking to some of the guys from the football team. He wasn’t alone like Caroline seemed to think and somehow this made Elena feel better. She had always wanted him to have friends and feel as though he were a part of Mystic Falls and not relegated to its darkest corners. She walked towards him and planned to tap him on the shoulder, but as she got closer, he turned around and looked at her.

His eyes suddenly widened, and a smile covered his face. Elena froze for a moment, almost dumbfounded by Stefan’s beauty and how much she had missed those lips.

“Elena,” Stefan said, walking forward. “Jenna mentioned you might be coming, but I…”

“You didn’t think I would, did you?” Elena said, finishing his sentence.

Elena took a deep breath and grabbed Stefan’s hand, pulling him away from the small crowd and taking him into one of the back hallways that led to the kitchen.

“Where are you taking me?” Stefan asked in a sweet, excited tone.

“Right here,” Elena said, stopping in the hallway, and bringing Stefan’s mouth to her lips.

Fireworks were far to cliché and not even close to what Elena felt as Stefan’s lips touched hers. There was something magical and luscious about the experience, like they had both been designed to fit together perfectly.

The kisses continued, on the lips, the neck and even on the closed lids of Elena’s eyes. They were not frantic or hurried. They were sensual and long-lasting. Elena felt as though this could go on for the entire night, but there was something she had to know, something she needed from Stefan before they could go on.

Elena pulled away from Stefan and worry began to fill her.

“Are you okay?” Stefan asked, placing his finger below her chain and raising her eyes back towards him.

“I want for us to be together again,” Elena blurted out. “I’m just afraid you won’t be able to forgive me for breaking up with you.”

Stefan sort of laughed, just a little.

“For us to be together again Elena, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to make that happen.”

Stefan drew Elena’s face into his hands. “You don’t need to be forgiven, for anything. I told you I understood, and I still do. I’m here for you always, but are you sure you’re ready?”

Elena started to cry a little.

“What I’m sure of is that there is an emptiness without you Stefan. I thought I could keep the people I love safer without you, but I was wrong. Together, you and I, we’re stronger. Apart, it just doesn’t work.”

Stefan nodded. “I love you Elena.”

“I love you too,” Elena said as she wrapped her arms around his neck, and they kissed and kissed and kissed…..

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