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September 25, 2010

There is something so special about Stefan and Elena that it’s hard to imagine another couple like them in existence. Some of us were immediately taken with the loner vampire guy and the popular girl tinged with sadness as soon as they popped up on our screens. Others of us needed a little time to see their relationship hit a few road blocks but still flourish. I’d say, for most of us, we love the fact that Stefan is a good guy with a caring heart even if his lust for blood turns him into a monster once in a while. Elena is the girl that understands him, that stands by him, that loves him no matter what. Together, they are an epic force that I don’t think any of us will ever forget.

All of the above makes trying to find a couple who reminds us of them pretty difficult. The fact that Stefan and Elena have actually been together for most of the series doesn’t help in our quest. So many other couples endure years of near misses, kisses that almost happened, “I love yous” that were almost said, and time they could have spent together but instead was wasted in fighting. Stelena and those of us that love them are lucky in this regard. We have seen them profess their love to one another, wake up next to each other in bed and share lots and lots of kisses.

Even with all of that, we were able to come up with some couples that gave us the same sorts of feelings and evoked the same emotions that Stefan and Elena do. I guess there are different kinds of epic, and here are a just a few.


(from the TV series “Charmed,” WB network, 1998 – 2006)

Submitted by: Bine

Why you ship them: They are meant for each other and they are so cute. I loved them most, when Leo was still a whitelighter though.

Why they remind you of Stelena: It is also an epic love, they had so many things to go through, but they had their love, that gave them the strength to survive all the problems.

(from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” WB/UPN network, 1997 – 2003)

Submitted by: Britt

Why you ship them: Angel is broody, yet Buffy can bring out his playful side. Same for Stefan and Elena.

Why they remind you of Stelena: Angel hates the fact that he’s a vampire, and wants to be a better man for Buffy, as does Stefan.
Buffy is strong, not only physically but emotionally. Sure she breaks down but she fights for what she believes in, just like Elena.

(from “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” ABC network, 1993 – 1997)

Submitted by: D’Ann

Why you ship them: Lois and Clark were actually the very first couple I shipped. The show started just after I got married, and something about the way Clark acted when he was around Lois…. I just could never get over how perfect they were for each other.

Why they remind you of Stelena: They remind me of Stefan and Elena because Lois and Clark just seemed to be destined to be together. No matter what they went through, they were always drawn back to each other. They were two halves of a whole – only truly “right” when they were with each other.

(from “Prison Break,” Fox network, 2005 – 2009)

Submitted by: Becka

Why you ship them: They have an amazing chemistry, he was always looking out for her, everything Michael did, he made sure that Sara would be okay and she would do the same; they were always at the top of their lists. They always supported one another and the love they had for each other was unreal; they would do anything for each other and it was special.

Why they remind you of Stelena: Even though Stefan protects Elena, sometimes she doesn’t need it and in the same way Sara didn’t need to either, because she knew what she was getting into, but she went ahead because she loved Michael. And both Sara & Michael and Stefan & Elena, they have something special, something that could last forever. Like two pieces of a puzzle they clicked, soul mates.

(from The Superman Film Series, late 70s to early 80s)

Submitted by: Dre

Why you ship them: I grew watching these movies so they are forever a part of my childhood. Also, I loved that they were both heroic characters, not just Clark. Lois was often saved by him, but she was no damsel, she held her own. Loved how noble Clark was. Loved how even though Lois loved Clark she was willing to let him go if that meant he would better serve the world.

Why they remind you of Stelena: LOL, the Flying Ferriswheel scene for sure got me thinking about it, hehe! But, I have also always thought Stefan had a “Superhero” complex (the good and the bad). He has the secret identity, he saves people even though he has some weakness / kryptonite (his choice to drink human blood), he’s angsty and his identity keeps him from his love.
Also, I always thought that early season 1 Elena reeked of Lois Lane on the case, hehe. She was feisty and curious and cracked the case.
But most of all, just like Lois and Clark, they are destined for each other; soulmates.

(from “Smallville,” WB/CW network, 2001 – 2011)

Submitted by: Steph

Why you ship them: They’ve always been cute together, but I really knew something was there when Lois thought she was kissing the Green Arrow, but really it was Clark. She knew the Green Arrow couldn’t have been Oliver, because she said whoever it was kissed so much better! That’s the thing, even though they started their relationship/friendship bickering all the time, there is something that always draws them together.

Why they remind you of Stelena: Clark and Stefan are both heroic. They both care deeply for others and are willing to give things up in order to protect people, even if it means being alone. Lois, like Elena, sometimes needs to be rescued, but not always. She kicks ass just as hard! Plus, we know Lois is destined to be with Clark, that she will not turn her back on him because of his powers, just as Elena didn’t turn her back on Stefan when she found out he was a vampire and was able to accept it.

(from “One Tree Hill,” WB/CW network, 2003 – present)

Submitted by: Jaye

Why you ship them: I shipped them because of their chemistry. It jumped off the screen. They just were in sync with each other as actors and with their characters. they seem to genuinely like each other. They looked like they were having fun. I looked forward to the show because of them. And last but not least they made their characters believable, even with the silliest of plots and the most unbelievable dialog.

Why they remind you of Stelena: They remind me of Stelena because of their tenacity. They had that all encompassing love that withstood test after test. It was the look they gave each other. You could fee the intensity of their desire and commitment. They supported each other, and seemed lost without each other. their ‘logo’? TLA (true love always). They fought yes, but making up was always a treat. Lucas once apologized to Peyton because he got jealous about some guy she was once in love with. His apology was that he had no right especially because “you have been so good to me and so kind, when I have strayed from us”. Their relationships with others was not real. They were rebounders, and knew it. Luke wrote 2 books about/for Peyton, lauding his love for her. His most inspiring words from his first book were:” I am now and will always be in love with Peyton Sawyer”.

* * *

Okay, that’s it! Do you all see a theme developing? LOL. Thanks to all who submitted and thanks to all who read/watched!

4 thoughts on “Other couples like Stelena

  1. Huge Leo and Piper fan..Member that one episode when Elders stripped Leo of his memories and Piper was dying…And he felt her that is kind of like Stelena Stefan knows when its her, they feel e/o

  2. I agree with most of the couples (PiperxLeo, LoisxClark, BuffyxAngel) except Lucas and Peyton. I didn’t really see anything special in them. I always went for Lucas’ other leading lady-Brooke. They were complete opposites yet they made sense. Lucas was so broody (Stefan) and Brooke (Elena) always brought out a different side to him. Perfect couple in my eyes but that’s just my view.

  3. Cat and Vincent from the new Beauty and the Beast. Destined to be together – both are strong. Vincent has a secret and a dark side and they both protect each other.

    Cat and Elena both have issues with keeping all the secrets from their families and loved ones in order to protect them.

  4. I love klaroline on TVD. Klaus is similar to Stefan, in a weird way. Obsvly.
    Klaus changed because of Caroline.
    Stefan changed because of Elena.

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