Stelena Day

Stelena Day

What is it? It’s a day to celebrate our favorite couple, Stefan and Elena!

When is it? A date is still to be set for 2014.

What can I do? – Besides celebrating and showing your Stelena love that day, you can do any of the following:

– Are you a writer? Create a Stelena fanfic or picspam that you premiere on Stelena Day!

– Are you a vidder? Make a Stelena video that you premiere on Stelena Day!

– Do you do art? Create any kind of Stelena art from icons, signatures, wallpapers or any kind of art and share it on Stelena Day!

– Twitter? Make sure to talk A LOT about Stelena and possibly make it a worldwide trending topic!

– Facebook? Spread the Stelena love with your friends and family. It’s a great way to introduce new people to Stefan and Elena!

– Forums? If you post on a forum, be sure to celebrate Stelena Day with your forum friends. If you’ve never posted on a forum, maybe this is the time to start. Make sure your voice is heard and have fun meeting new people who love Stelena too!

– Friends? Get together with friends and do a TVD marathon, make some Stelena cookies and celebrate your favorite couple together!

More questions? Ask us in the shoutbox!

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