Mystic Falls Part 2

Our tour of Mystic Falls (Covington, Georgia, for those who didn’t see Part 1) continues with our favorite hangout, The Mystic Grill! This is the place where Elena first introduced everyone to the new mysterious stranger in town, Stefan Salvatore. Who could have imagined what was in store for all those townies playing pool and getting their drink on?!

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The Mystic Grill is right next to the Courthouse with a narrow street/alley separating the two structures (this is the most dangerous alley in the South… more on that later). The exterior of the building is what we see in the TV show while the interior for the show is filmed on what we are assured is a top secret sound-stage location–seriously, there have apparently been arrests for those who get too close! For those with a need to get “inside,” a restaurant with the same name inhabits the building, but sadly for us didn’t open until 4 p.m. Check out their facebook page… The Mystic Grill.

A lot has happened in and around the Mystic Grill. Remember when Caroline encouraged Elena to bypass all the smalltalk with Stefan and move directly to sex? Both the Courthouse and the Grill come into view before we close in on the girls.

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Then there was that intense one on one outside as Elena “grilled” Stefan on all things vampires in Season 1, some intervention planning to deal with Ripper Stefan, and later a quick pow-wow in dealing with Finn in Season 3.

Okay, so now that we’ve gotten all the daytime coffee klatches out of the way, let’s move on to the nighttime scary stuff! Remember how I mentioned the alley next to the Grill is the most dangerous one in the South? Well, that comes of course from all the killing that happens there on TVD (and I assume other shows). First up is the spot that our dearest friend, Lexi, perished (Booooo! Damon).

 photo mg2streetlexikilled.jpg

Next is that dark, scary (not so much during the day) underground part where Damon killed/compelled a couple in order to set Lexi up. It’s also the spot where Matt, Elena and Stefan reduced Finn to a pile of ash.

 photo mg5MysticGrillkilleralley.jpg

 photo mg8.jpg photo mg7.jpgNow, backing up a few steps, one of the first things the tour guides ask outside the Grill is if you’re Team Stefan or Team Damon. There was thankfully a good sized Team Stefan contingent that day… apparently that’s not always the case, and the guides were a bit surprised to hear so much Stefan love. That leads us to Covington’s version of the “Walk of Fame.” Theirs might not be quite as spectacular as Hollywood, but it achieves the same thing… honoring those actors who have been a major part of the town’s success. Ian has his over by his favorite Thai restaurant, and the guides asked if anyone planned on kissing or licking his star because, I kid you not, this has happened before! While we had a good look at Nina’s star, I have to confess I forget its exact location… I was still too horrified knowing that people were licking the sidewalk. The most important star, of course, was that of Paul Wesley/Stefan Salvatore. We did our little huddle around it while chanting like Travelers… nooooo… we didn’t really do any chanting… *heeeee*… but one in our group did proclaim Paul Wesley was the only star of TVD (yeah, I’m looking at you, Jaye)!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our stop at the Mystic Grill!

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Part 2 Extras:

– Nina Dobrev frequents the nail salon right next door to the Mystic Grill when on location.
– The Mystic Grill building was once an attorney’s office.
– According to our guides, the pilot for the ABC TV show, Resurrection, was filmed in Covington, GA.

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