Mystic Falls Part 3

Our next stop was to check out the houses we’ve gotten to know so well over the last five seasons of TVD. It wasn’t hard to imagine little Bonnie, Elena and Caroline getting together to play Twister or roller skate around their neighborhood, long before all the drama and trauma of their teenage years! Little did they know that the vampires have been a part of Mystic Falls history since day one.

The first house we saw was the Historical Lockwood Mansion, a gorgeous antebellum home that we’ve only seen in flashbacks. Today, in the real world, it’s actually a bed and breakfast called Twelve Oaks. You can stay in the “The Salvatore Brother’s Study Room” or “Katherine’s Mirror Image Suite,” and get a flavor of what it might be like to actually stay in Mystic Falls.

 photo HistoricalLockwoodMansion.jpg

Next up was Rebekah’s house. Remember that amazing kegger she had there? In real life, it’s just around the corner from the Historic Lockwood Mansion. Party on!

 photo Rebekashouse.jpg

Isobel also took up residence in Mystic Falls briefly, and she’d learned that foreclosures were the perfect places to squat in. She actually had two foreclosure homes that she stayed at, though we only saw one of them on our tour. It was definitely a gorgeous house, and we imagine that the Mystic Falls owner either died of “mysterious circumstances,” i.e. an animal attack, or got too over his or her head in renovations and went broke.

 photo Isobelshouse.jpg

Isobel’s second foreclosure home:

Isobel’s first foreclosure home (not seen on tour):

Gram’s had a more modest home, though in real life it is right next to Isobel’s second foreclosure house. Bonnie probably had wonderful memories of this place, except for of course the time when Gram’s didn’t wake up 🙁 The day we toured, they were doing a bit of work in the yard, and the man doing the work seemed a little surprised by this large group of people suddenly descending upon him!

 photo GramsHouse.jpg

Bonnie’s house is just a hop, skip and a jump from her Gram’s (and directly across the street from the modern Lockwood Mansion, which will be getting its own entry). The house in Covington wasn’t actually used in the show but as inspiration for a replica built on the show’s set, as many “exterior” scenes are replicated and filmed on set.

 photo Bonnieshouse.jpg

Caroline’s humble abode had a similar look to Bonnie’s. We had to be very quiet at this point in the tour, as the owner of the house sleeps during the day.

 photo Carolineshouse.jpg

Last, but certainly not least, was Elena, Jeremy and Jenna’s house. Only a street separates this home from Caroline’s… it’s a very popular block! The tour guides shared that the pyrotechnics team had been there for the scene in which Elena burned down the house, along with her brother, and that it had been quite an exciting night. I’m sure the real owners of the home are thankful for CGI!

 photo Elenashouse.jpg

Well, this ends our tour of the homes of Mystic Falls. It was so cool to see all of them in real life and where they were situated in Covington. We will be doing a separate entry for the present day Lockwood Mansion, so stay tuned!


– The Salvatore Boarding house is off limits to tours. It is actually located near Sandy Springs, northeast of Atlanta, and the house is set far back from the main road behind a gate. So, don’t get any ideas about trying to get in for a look, as our guides let us know that the owners of this residence are quite strict about not permitting tourists onto the property. The “law” will be called, so beware!

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