Mystic Falls Part 4

If you missed part three of our tour of Mystic Falls, it’s right here. The last stop on our Welcome to Mystic Falls tour is the Lockwood Mansion. On the show, you get the idea that this beautiful home is somewhere on the outskirts of town, perhaps set amongst rolling hills and thick forests. In reality, the mansion is smack dab in the middle of town, surrounded by many of the smaller homes we have already shared with you on our tour. The mansion is set back from the quiet road, protected with a lovely brick wall and gate. Even if a gate didn’t exist, most door to door solicitors would probably skip this house based on the long walk to get to the front door.

The front lawn is a gorgeous green, and the fountain makes this estate look even more stately. Imagine the pride Carol Lockwood (RIP) took in her beautiful home and how upset she’d be to know Jeremy was littering it with pizza boxes and using it for his make-out sessions and gamer binges. Oy! I think she’d prefer for us to remember it as the setting for the Founder’s Ball back in Season 1 where Stefan was lucky enough to be easily invited in by then Mayor Lockwood (RIP). Stefan would go on to spend a lovely early evening with Elena before she started asking too many questions. One success of the evening was Stefan saving Caroline from his murderous brother. Dumping vervain in Caroline’s drink was genius… oh, how Stefan knew his brother!

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We would have loved to have been able to sneak a peak inside, but the interior of the house was off limits for our tour. However, the couple who owns the home came out to greet us and answer any questions we may have had. Their cat also acted as a wonderful co-host and appeared to enjoy all the love and attention she (or he?) was getting from all of the visitors. There was a small room near the house that housed a lot of memorabilia from the show, including a Masquerade mask used in the episode of the same name (2×07).

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Do you all remember this pond behind the Lockwood Mansion? It was the setting for that heartbreaking scene at the end of Masquerade in Season 2 where Elena informed Stefan she needed to feel safe. What that meant was, even though Katherine was gone (for the time being), she and Stefan couldn’t be together, not yet. Elena stumbled away, leaving Stefan to ponder the single life. Now, we were left to ponder why we couldn’t get a little closer to the pond, but I think that had to do with the two rather large swans swimming about!

This was also the site for a stabbing, one that included a woman scorned, Katherine, and the object of her affection, Stefan. Back in the first episode of the second season, Stefan led Katherine out behind the Lockwood Mansion where she informed him she’d come back for him. He informed her he hated her. Remember how Katherine didn’t take that very well? Talk like that gets you stabbed!

Elena tended to Stefan’s wounds here on this bench after Katherine stabbed him, and this seating arrangement was also the setting for Tyler and Vicki’s discussion at the Founder’s Ball. Enter Carol Lockwood, disapproving mother, and exit Vicki, soon to be dead vampire.

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Do you all remember the carnal lust that took place between Tyler and Caroline in the Season 3 opener? It apparently all went down just beyond these panes of glass. We would have rather been seeing something go down between Stefan and Elena of course, but poor Stefan was off being all out of control under Klaus’ tutelage. Oh, well. This was close to our last glimpse of the house as we wound our way back into the front and on our way to our next stop. The Lockwood Mansion was truly a site to see.

 photo Tylersbedroomwindow.jpg

Wow, we really hate to leave, but we wouldn’t want to be caught in Mystic Falls after nightfall! We hope you’ve all enjoyed our Welcome to Mystic Falls tour. It was really such a cool thing to be able to tour the town where one of our favorite shows comes to life. It was even better to see it with great friends, and we’ll cherish the memories forever!

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