Favorite quotes from 4×12 “A View To A Kill”

Props to Rebecca Sonnenshine who wrote this episode.


Stefan: “If he gets too much strength back or if he just annoys you, bleed him out again.”

Stefan: “Well, why don’t you two enjoy your little, uh, villain bonding time?”

Stefan: “Now why don’t you tell her to calm down, Damon? You’ve managed to use that sire bond pretty well so far, haven’t you?”

Klaus: “How is it that she manages to overlook every horrific thing you’ve ever done? Is it willful ignorance or perhaps something more pathological?”

Damon: “It’s one of his trademarks, like his brooding and his hair.”

Klaus: “It must be hard trying to live up to Stefan.”

Klaus: “I remember when I compelled him to feed on Elena, he fought so hard, he actually managed to resist. Now, that’s love.”

Klaus: “Personally, I don’t see a fairy-tale ending for you. All I see is Stefan and Elena.”

Stefan: “Hope you like The Cure.”

Stefan: “Well, I was gonna say love, friendship […] Because, as much as we both hate to admit it, we care about those things.”

Stefan: “This song is the Godfather of rock anthems, ok? I can’t listen to this music without thinking of my best friend Lexi.”

Stefan: “I was just a better person when I was with her. I didn’t think I’d ever feel that way again. Until Elena.”

Stefan: “I’m not gonna let the people that I care about get hurt. Not Jeremy, not Elena, not even Damon.”

Stefan: “And I want us to find this cure together, you and me. Not just for Elena, but for you. So you can have what you want. You can be who you want. You can be human again. Everyone deserves a second chance right?”