Final Ratings for 4×22 “The Walking Dead” + Poll Results


The Vampire Diaries had a 1.0 rating and inched up to 2.28 million viewers in the US finals – TVbytheNumbers Once again, it managed to come up from it’s initial 0.9 rating.

In our last poll, we asked you if you thought Elena would regain her “lost” love for Stefan by the end of S4. You said…

42% – I wish… cautiously optimistic that her feelings for Stefan return. – WINNER –
36% – Of course! Now that the switch is back on and the sire bond is in question, it’s only a matter of time!
14% – Hmm… in two episodes? Probably not.
8% – No way! Elena’s mision of hate will overtake any love she can offer to anyone.

Well, we definitely saw more Stelena interaction in The Walking Dead, but not sure it was enough to bring those loving feelings back by season’s end. One more episode and we’ll know for sure!